Creepersin films starts indiegogo campaign for five fabulous films,starting with awesome girl gang street fighter

Writer, director, producer and star Creep Creepersin is starting anIndiegogo campaign to order to make five films which are alldifferent in their own unique ways, but are films that he has beenwanting to do for quite some time. The films include: Awesome Girl Gang Street Fighter This is a tongue-in-cheek spoof of the Japanese Pink films from the1970’s. The film is super fun, violent and over the top. Action,humor and sexy girls on scooters – what more could anyone want? Gritty A super gritty film where everyone gets his or her just desserts.No one gets away from paying the piper in this film about a groupof college girls who meet a group of thugs. Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner

Creep Creepersin’s Dracula A modern day look at the classic Stoker tale. Bam! The Ghost! A film about a ghost hunting crew who are themselves haunted by aghost that wants its 15 minutes of fame. Fork You! A horror film about a guy called Forkface who goes on arevenge-fueled killing spree with an assortment of forks. By shooting all of these at the same time, Creepersin will becutting down on costs and making production of the five filmspossible. Scania VCI 2

They will all be shot in Los Angeles, CA. The perksoffered on Creepersin Films Indie-go-go campaign are very unique.Contributors will be receiving IMDb credits, walk on roles, propsfrom the films, attending cast and crew parties and so much more.There are Associate Producer packs, Producer Packs and ExecutiveProducer packs to choose from something for every budget. Awesome Girl Gang Street Fighter will begin filming on May 18,2012. The cast includes: Felissa Rose as Queen Jira; SavannahOstler as Sassy; Dawna Lee Heising as The Dragon; Ronnie Kerr asChampion; Creep Creepersin as Big Boss Jira; Elvis Winterbottom asDoc; Suziey Block as Blue; Jonathan Camp as Jimbo Jira; DustinYork as Cub Jira; Robin Ritter as Smash; Lisa Margaroli as Lynch;Kelly Nhim as Kix; and Berna Roberts as Man s Ruin. China Volvo Vcads

For moreinformation, please visit the Indie-go-go site at: /awesome2012 About Creepersin Films Creepersin Films has made 50 films in the last five years, many ofwhich can be found in Barnes and Noble, Borders, Sam Goody, Tower,Target, Best Buy, Fry s, Wal-Mart, Netflix and many other outlets. In addition, many of the films have been distributed worldwide,and are available through VOD, PPV and Internet pay-per-view. Creepersin has recently established Creepersin Film School to helpfilmmakers get films made quickly at the lowest cost, set up UnitedStates and overseas distribution and take advantage of new media asa source of income. Creepersin is a multi-talented film director,musician, screenwriter, producer, actor and author.

His threebooks, The Legend of Cartwayne Twain and other Tales and Poems , Blood Lust Romance and Blood Lust Revenge , were publishedthrough his own Creepsville Press publishing house in 2006. Creepersin also founded the rock band Creepersin in 2004 in OrangeCounty, California.


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