National nurses week: making meaningful use of meaningful use – USB Car Charger Adaptor

During a recent IM chat with HL7 Standards blogger and registered nurse Jennifer Thew , I sarcastically asked, “Why do nurses get a full week intheir honor? Seems like overkill to me.” While I would love to share with you her reply, I”d rathernot offend those who try to avoid offensive language or the blatantoveruse of exclamation marks. Here”s the censored version ofher reply: “Because they deserve it.” (I”ve known Jennifer for several years, and I should know bynow not to pick fights with loyal Chicago White Sox fans.) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2011 therewere 2,724,570 RNs employed throughout the country. In comparison,there were 305,590 physicians and surgeons in practice. Samsung Car Phone Chargers

Despiteoverwhelming numbers in RNs” favor, physicians are stilldirectors of patient care, or the facilitators of patient care, andrightfully so due to their education and specialized training. Due to their influence in patient outcomes and patient satisfactionscores, health facilities are developing key positions of influencefor nurse leaders, who are playing major roles in health ITdecisions and who help decide what applications are purchased andhow they should be introduced to primary users, typically nurses. “Having a nurse to lead HIT implementation is the lynch-pinin whether the healthcare facility will get full potential from itstechnology,” Thew said. “To get clinical care providerson board, the new systems and technology need to meet their needsand workflow. And they need to have tech-talk broken down intonurse-speak so they can understand the purpose and goals of the newtools. USB Car Charger Adaptor

A nurse leader has the built in ‘street cred”to get RNs on board.” It”s fitting that during this National Nurses Week, werecognize RNs and applaud RN trailblazers who have fought for theirplace at the leadership table. Relatively new roles in informaticshave been created to serve as direct connections between theclinical and IT teams, and will serve to validate the efficacy ofnew technologies, speeding the health system”s transitionfrom a fee-for-service model to one that improves care quality,which can be aided by analysis of the massive amounts of dataproduced by health IT applications. According to an interview Jennifer conducted with Cheryl D. Parker, PhD, RN,FHIMSS, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) at RubbermaidMedical Solutions , CNIOs educate Chief Nursing Officers and other members of the”C-suite” about how technologies actually work, becausethey often do not have the time to learn the intricacies of eachproduct. Dual Auto USB Charger Manufacturer

According to Parker, as a CNIO she serves as the clinical health ITadvisor to the leadership team, helping them understand how theapplications are used in patient care. She said CNIOs speak forbedside clinicians, implement and optimize use of health IT,coordinate strategic and organizational use of technology, andunderstand the technology”s effect on patients. There”s no debate about the key roles RNs play in patientcare. Thankfully, health organizations are now recognizing the needto bridge the divide between the developers, programmers and systemmanagers on the IT team with the end-users on the caregiving team.

If CNIOs and other RN members of the IT team are able to bring the”patient component” into IT decisions, then futurepatient care will not only be quantified, but also more informed torespond to developments in population management and disease trendsthat previously were not evident until long after a problem reacheda critical mass. Chad Johnson blogs regularly at Health Standards Blog .


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