Reminder to filial son moves others to care for their aged parents – Hidden Camera Detector

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA: Nobody visits the Leong carair-conditioning service shop here without learning a thing or twoabout filial piety. And not many leave without shedding a tear or two after reading aframed “Letter from Mom” with its reminder of a child’sduty to his aged parents. The letter taking pride of place in the shop of 60-year-old LeongSwee Kee reads in part: “My Child, when I get old, I hope you understand and havepatience with me. “When my knees get weaker I hope you have the patience tohelp me get up. “Like how I used to help while you were little. GSM Multimedia Phone Watch

“Do you remember learning how to walk?” Leong said the “letter” was put together by hissister-in-law in memory of his mother, Chung Thye, who died lastyear at age 103. “She had a stroke in 1997 which left her barely able tofunction on her own. My five brothers and I took care of her untilshe died in May last year,” he said, nodding towards picturesof his mother which adorn the wall. He added: “Those who have cared for a stroke patientunderstand the challenges. Many times, people came up to me andasked why I did not put my mother in an old folks’ home sincecaring for her at home was so troublesome? “I told them that my mother had worked hard and sacrificed somuch to raise my four brothers and me single-handedly after ourfather passed away when I was seven. Hidden Camera Detector

It was an honour for us totake care of her in her old age.” Leong described his mother as “generous and giving”,and said that many of his customers remembered her as the old ladywho would serve them boiled sugarcane juice while they waited fortheir car to be serviced. “She cared more about what she could do for others than whatthey could do for her,” he said. The father of two grown-up children said he put up the”letter” in his shop to remind customers, especiallyyoung people, the importance of caring for their parents. “Some customers cry after reading it. Infrared Hunting Cameras Manufacturer

One man came up to meweeping. He said he was taking care of his own father who suffereda stroke recently and the letter had encouraged him greatly,”he said. Leong believed that he and his brothers had by example taught theirchildren the meaning of filial piety. “It is a good feeling to know that I was a good son to mymother. It has been a year since she passed away, and I still missher a lot,” he said.

“But I am happy to know that she lived a rich, long life withthe people she loved and who loved her in return.”.


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