“two horizontal plus two vertical” expressways, airport highwayconstructed – China Fiberglass Water Slides

The construction of Changchun s two horizontal plus twovertical expressways and the Airport Highway were startedThursday morning on May 10, 2012. The construction of two horizontal plus two vertical expressways is an important part of Changchun s fast-road systemof four parts in its east, south, west and north. The 2nd Ring Roadis the dividing line. The fast road in the east refers to thesection of Yuanda Street-Dongsheng Street-Xiantai Street-CaiyuStreet; the one in the south, Guigu Street-Weixing Road; the one inthe west, Qingnian Road-Puyang Street-Kuanping Road-Qianjin Street;and that in the north, Lianhua Road-Qinggang Road-TaibeiStreet-Tiebei Silu-Dongrong Road. Aqua Park Equipment

The total length is 64.8kilometers. With RMB 20.1 billion to be invested, the constructionwill be completed within three years. This year, RMB 10.6 billionwill be invested on the construction of fast roads in the westernsemi ring part, including fast road in the west, JilongStreet-Yatai Street section of the fast road in the north, andWeixing Squre-Feiyue East Road of the fast road in the south.Tridimensional construction of eight traffic knots including theintersection of Weixing Road and Qianjin Street, Kuanping Bridgeand Yuanda Bridge will be started. The competition of flyoversalong the main roadways in the western semi-ring part will becompleted at the end of this year so that traffic can then beresumed. China Fiberglass Water Slides

The Airport Highway is 13 kilometers in length. The speed isdesigned at 60 kilometers per hour. The total RMB 2.16 billion willbe invested on such projects as Huigong Road-Airport Highway, theflyover of Airport Highway and exit of Chang-Ji Expressway, and theextended eastern part of Airport Highway. The construction ispredicted to be completed by the end of 2013. This year, RMB 730million will be invested on two projects, Huigong Road-AirportHighway, and the flyover for Airport Highway and exit of Chang-JiExpressway. Water Sprayground

Upon completion of all projects, three points includingthe inland port of Changchun East Railway Station, EconomicDevelopment Zone s Bonded Area and Logistics Park, and LongjiaAirport will be connected so that rapid flow of logistics,passengers and production factors and fast traffic from ChangchunStreet to Longjia Airport can be achieved.


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