Nebraska’s gop senate primary: another tea party surprise? – Cryolipolysis Machine

Instead, this race along with some other states’ primaries thisyear has become a battleground showcasing schisms in theRepublican Party, including among tea party activists. And now, the surge of momentum seems to be going to an unlikelycandidate, rancher and state Sen. Deb Fischer, who is running forstatewide office for the first time, on a shoestring budget. Ms. Fischer’s campaign has been bolstered in recent days by anendorsement from Sarah Palin , $200,000 worth of anti-Bruning ads in the past weekend from a”super PAC” controlled by Chicago Cubs co-owner Joe Ricketts , and an ad campaign of her own that gained significant attention.The ad features two large bulls tagged with her opponents’ names Bruning and state Treasurer Don Stenberg and asks voters,”tired of political bull?” Now, despite millions spent on behalf of her opponents’ campaignsand her own relative lack of funds, Fischer seems to have a chanceof winning. IPL Laser Machines

Polling is relatively sparse, but one automated surveyconducted Sunday by the polling firm We Ask America showed Fischerin first place with 39 percent, compared with Bruning’s 34 percentand 18 percent for Mr. Stenberg. A second poll, commissioned by Fischer-backer Ricketts, showedFischer in a close second place, at 35 percent to Bruning’s 38percent. “Some Republicans in the state are less comfortable withBruning and don t know that Stenberg is the best person to runagainst Bob Kerrey, and that s created opening for DebFischer,” says Michael Wagner , a political scientist at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln . Still, Professor Wagner cautions that the recent polls saynothing about who was polled and what was asked, and are fairlyunreliable. Cryolipolysis Machine

“It could well be that the race is getting closer,but we have no way of knowing,” he says. The campaign has garnered attention and a lot of outside money,mostly directed toward either Bruning or Stenberg because of theimportance of the seat to Republican hopes of regaining control ofthe Senate. If the Obama-Biden ticket is reelected, Republicans need to flip four seats to winSenate control, and Nebraska is one of their best shots. (If a Republican wins the White House , the GOP vice president becomes Senate president, empowered tobreak ties. In that case, Republicans would need a net gain ofthree seats.). Ultrasonic Beauty Machine Manufacturer


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