New project to test climate resilience of asian cities – Neodymium Rod Magnets – Neodymium Speaker Magnets Manufacturer

Ten cities across Asia are set to launch a new project that willhelp local planners determine if their cities and people areprotected from the effects of climate change . The Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN), withthe support of The Rockefeller Foundation, said on Tuesday it willbe revealing a set of ‘climate change resilienceindicators’ over the coming months that will help localgovernments and NGOs implement initiatives to cope with the impactsof extreme weather conditions and other climate hazards. These indicators – the first of its kind – are based ontechnical data such as the capacity of water supply systems,coverage of sewerage and solid waste services, and socioeconomicfactors such as households qualifying for piped water distribution. The cities in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are eachcreating their own set of indicators, which include about 40different types of information, to meet their specific needs andthey will be the first urban areas in the world to apply thesetools. Local governments in the participating cities which includeGorakhpur, Indore and Surat in India; Bandar Lampung and Semarangin Indonesia; Chiang Rai and Hat Yai in Thailand; and Da Nang, CanTho and Quy Nhon in Vietnam will analyse information on thesystems and services most crucial to withstanding and recoveringfrom climate hazards such as sea level rise, droughts and flooding. Neodymium Ring Magnets

The indicators, developed with the help of the United States-basedInstitute for Social and Environmental Transition (ISET), will act as guidelines for cities to monitor change in a number of keyareas including resilience to climate hazards and in sectors suchas public health, water supply and mangrove areas. Once the pilot cities have shown the practical value of the projectin preparing cities for climate change, they can serve as model forothers, said Dr Stephen Tyler of the Institute for Social andEnvironmental Transition (ISET) in a statement. The US-based ISET is one of the non-government organisation (NGO)partners for ACCCRN, which is part of a $70 million, five-yearclimate change initiative by The Rockefeller Foundation. ACCCRN is a network of Asian cities established in 2008 to findpractical solutions to the overlapping problems presented byclimate change, poverty and poor infrastructure in Asia’sgrowing cities. Neodymium Rod Magnets

The significance of this project doesn t just lie with theindicators themselves, but with the fact that local planners aregaining a deeper understanding of key climate resilience issues andhow to address them locally, said Dr Tyler. Dr Tyler noted at recent Planet Under Pressure event in London, that despite having the largest number of peopleat risk, cities were often ignored in climate change adaptationprojects. With large, rapidly growing populations and expensiveinfrastructure at risk, Asian cities needed to increase its climatechange resilience, he added. In the Indonesian port city of Bandar Lampung on the island ofSumatra, where fishermen say their catch has shrunk in recent yearsto a quarter of what it used to be, ACCCRN is working with thelocal government on projects that raise awareness of climateissues, provide training and sources of income for the poor, andreduce climate hazard impacts. Neodymium Speaker Magnets Manufacturer

One such project is a solid waste management system to reduce thewaste that clogs waterways and increases the risk of disease. Another example from Bandar Lampung involves land rehabilitation torelieve the flooding and erosion problems that are affecting themany poor who have built houses on low-lying, reclaimed land. In the Indian city of Gorakhpur, where one third of the populationof 676,000 lives in slums, inadequate drainage and sewer systemshave caused frequent flooding and stagnant water. The resultingwater contamination has led to increasing levels of water-bornediseases.

ACCCRN and its partners plan to work with the city to improve waterinfrastructure and better monitor sanitation and health issues. Shiraz Wajih, president of the Gorakphur Environmental Group anACCCRN project partner said the project would push localgovernments to realise how much more needed to be done toeffectively deal with climate change-related issues. This will make a big difference to the communities that we wantto help most. It will significantly improve the health and lives ofthe urban poor, he added.


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