Women get less information on post-cancer fertility: study – China Parking Control Terminal

Cancer treatment can sometimes lead to infertility, but young womenare far less likely than young men to be informed of this,according to a Swedish study. Findings published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found thatof nearly 500 cancer survivors aged 18 to 45, 80 per cent of mensurveyed said their doctor had told them their chemotherapy couldaffect their future fertility. But only 48 per cent of women said the same. In addition, only 14per cent of women said they received information on options topreserve their fertility, versus 68 per cent of men. Parking Barrier Gates

The gap is likely related to the fact that preserving fertility ismore complicated in women than men and techniques for doing so arenot as widely available, said the researchers. “Even in cases when fertility preservation could not be performed,patients – and in particular, women – should be informed abouttheir risk of decreased fertility and their risk of enteringmenopause prematurely,” senior researcher Claudia Lampic, of theKarolinska Institute in Stockholm, told Reuters Health in an email. Some chemotherapy drugs can damage a woman’s eggs or a man’sability to produce normal sperm. Radiation therapy near thereproductive organs, or to the brain, can harm fertility, as canhormonal therapies for breast, prostate and other cancers. China Parking Control Terminal

A recent US survey of women diagnosed with cancer when they were 40or younger found that more than half said they still wanted to havechildren at the time of their diagnosis. “The options are out there, but the utility is still patchworkright now,” Oktay said. Men can have their sperm frozen and banked before cancer treatment,a relatively quick and simple process that is also comparativelyinexpensive. For women, the most common way is to have in vitro fertilization tocreate embryos, which are then frozen and banked. It’s alsopossible to freeze a woman’s eggs and ovarian tissue, but that’sstill considered experimental and it’s not clear how well they work- and they are all more expensive. China Tripod Turnstile

In addition, harvesting eggs generally means using hormonaltreatments to stimulate the ovaries. But that raises a woman’sestrogen levels, so women with breast or uterine cancer have notbeen offered those options.

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