Uk clears guardian journalist over hacking coverage – Kapton Polyimide Tape – Clean Room ESD Manufacturer

LONDON (Reuters) – UK prosecutors investigating a phone-hacking scandalat a Rupert Murdoch tabloid have decided not to charge a journalistfrom the Guardian newspaper for illegally obtaining informationfrom the police to break the story. The hacking scandal has revealed collusion between Britain’s press,politicians and police, with many critics citing those close tiesas the reason the illegal practices went undetected for so long. The Guardian’s Amelia Hill, who helped reveal details of allegedwidespread criminality at Murdoch’s News of the World title, hadbeen questioned by police over whether she received confidentialinformation from a detective. Police had also previously attempted to force the Guardian toreveal its sources on the phone-hacking scandal, sparking a furiousrow about press freedom in Britain. Clean Room Sticky Mat

Alison Levitt, principal legal adviser to the Director of PublicProsecutions, said there was enough evidence to prove that a policeofficer passed information to Hill which resulted in articlesdetailing who had been arrested in the hacking scandal. But she said there was not a realistic prospect of securing aconviction for either Hill or the officer. She advised thatdisciplinary proceedings be brought against the officer. “In the circumstances, I have decided that in her case, the publicinterest outweighs the overall criminality alleged,” Levitt said ina televised statement on the charges of alleged offences ofmisconduct in public office and breaches of the data protectionact. Kapton Polyimide Tape

The Guardian said it welcomed the prosecutor’s “sensible decisionto abandon this worrying attempt to criminalize legitimate contactbetween journalists and confidential sources”. Two weeks ago Murdoch confidante Rebekah Brooks, a former News ofthe World editor and chief executive of News International, wascharged with interfering with the police investigation. The charges were the first to be brought since police launched afresh probe in January 2011 into allegations that journalists atthe Sunday tabloid routinely hacked into the voicemail ofcelebrities, politicians and victims of crime. Some 50 people have since been arrested by detectives who are alsoinvestigating whether staff on the paper hacked into computers andpaid public officials such as the police for tips to get exclusivestories. A 37-year-old woman was arrested last Friday on suspicion ofbribery and corruption offences and a source familiar with thesituation identified her as Whitehall editor of Murdoch’s daily Suntabloid, Clodagh Hartley, who reports on political matters. Clean Room ESD Manufacturer

A 42-year-old woman was arrested on Monday on suspicion of moneylaundering offences. She was held by the officers investigating thehacking of voicemail messages. (Reporting by Michael Holden and Kate Holton ; Editing by Louise Ireland ).


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