Tenafly man charged in Jewelry Pouches store theft – China Jewelry Pouches – Personalized Watch Boxes Manufacturer

A borough man has been charged with stealing $10,000 worthof merchandise from a Jewelry Pouches store, say local police. After his arrest Saturday, Matthew O”Brien, 23, was taken tothe Bergen County Jail, but police were not sure Tuesday if he had made bail, saidCapt. Robert Chamberlain. Chamberlain said O”Brien allegedly approached the jeweler at Tenafly Jewelers on Jay Street, saying he wanted to sell five silverrings.

When the jeweler took the rings into a back room to examinethem, O”Brien allegedly reached into the counter and stolefive gold rings and a diamond ring, according to police. Policesaid O”Brien then waited to get his five silver rings backfrom the jeweler and walked out. When the store owner realized the gold and diamond rings weremissing, he called the police with a description of the suspect. “One of our police officers drove around the block and wentinto another business, Tenafly Gold Coin. He went in there to see if they saw someone fittingthat description.

And he had just been in there and sold five goldrings for $600,” said Chamberlain. Police put out an alert and Cresskill police officers located O”Brien at a mart in Tenafly several minutes later, said police. “When they investigated, they found the five silver rings hehad initially planned to sell. And they also found controlleddangerous substance: a pain medication pills without aprescription. He was arrested and transported to the policedepartment where he provided information about the incident,”said Chamberlain.

However, the diamond ring had not yet been foundas of Tuesday, he said. O”Brien, who Chamberlain said was unemployed, was chargedwith theft and possession of drugs and possession of drugparaphernalia. Tenafly Police said they also would charge him Wednesday with fencing, ortrying to sell stolen merchandise.
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