Mamata to open up state’s backend retail to private sector – Leather Cigar Box Manufacturer

A response to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s appeal, the proposedamendment can even allow “contract farming” in thestate, with certain “safeguards” for farmers. “As, the centre has asked for several times in recent times,we are looking into the possibility of amending the APMC Act. Butnothing has been finalised yet,” State griculture marketingminister Arup Roy said However, Roy clarified, although the state is in favour of freemovement of agriculture produce, it is opposed to the idea of”contract farming” in its present form. “We are ideally opposed to the idea of contract farming assuggested in the Centre’s model act. Wine Packaging Boxes

Some private players are doingthis on their own, we do not want to interfere into that. But, wehave clearly refused to accept the model Act of the Centre. Thereshould more safeguards for farmers as our priority is to ensurefarmers’ interest,” he added. In February, earlier this year in a conference of chief secretariesof states, Prime Minister had asked the states to amend the act.There was also a written communication from the Union AgricultureMinistry to West Bengal government on this recently. Leather Cigar Box Manufacturer

As part of the proposed amendment to the APMC Act, the governmentmight allow a unified license for buying and selling across thedistricts of Bengal. However, private mandis, which form a crux ofthe model APMC law, have been omitted from the Bengal version. The state government had asked Keventer Agro, for a report on thedraft amendment of the APMC Act. This was submitted last year. “We have long been waiting for the amendment of the APMC Act.In the draft we recommended that a universal license apply toprocurement and sales across districts in Bengal,” saidMayank Jalan, MD, Keventer. Jewelry Display Stands

Besides this, in the proposed amendment, the state government isalso considering additional safeguards to secure farmer rights. One of the key safeguards is the deletion of the provision that incase of an inability on the part of the marketing board to acquirerequisite land, the state government can step in and acquire thefarmer”s land. “We will look at the amendment of the act, but we will neverallow big corporations to come from outside to come and control thesupply chain,” state commerce and industries minister, ParthaChatterjee has earlier told Business Standard.Given this context,the state government is considering a partnership farming model-apossible innovation over the cooperative farming model that wasearlier proposed by the erstwhile Left Front government.Pepsicoalready has a contact farming operation in the Howrah district ofWest Bengal, where it controls the entire supply chain.


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