Police probing possible magnotta link to l.a. homicide (with video) – China Plastic Roll Film

MONTREAL The widespread travels of Luka Rocco Magnotta, bothgeographically and on the World Wide Web, are fuelling speculationhe may have killed elsewhere. Montreal police are working with the Los Angeles Police Departmentto determine whether Magnotta could have been involved in themurder and beheading of a 66-year-old man in California in January.The head of Hervey Medellin was discovered near the famousHollywood sign by a woman walking her dog on Jan. 17. A policesearch turned up Medellin’s hands and feet in the area, but therest of his body remains missing. Montreal police confirmed Thursday they’ve been in contact with theLAPD, state media reports, and will be passing on any relevantinformation that surfaces as part of their investigation.

Magnotta is the main suspect in the murder and dismemberment ofChinese student Lin Jun in Montreal. Lin’s torso was discovered ina suitcase behind Magnotta’s apartment building on May 29, and hisfoot and hand were mailed in separate packages to the federalConservative and Liberal parties; the package destined for theLiberal HQ was intercepted by authorities before delivery. Similar packages sent to two Vancouver-area schools are believed tobe related. The victim’s head remains missing.

Montreal police said Magnotta, a porn movie actor and male escort,may have been in Los Angeles at the time of Medellin’s murder. SunU.K. news reported a Los Angeles pimp claims to have hired Magnottaaround that time, and that one of Magnotta’s Facebook pages offeredhis services as a masseuse in Los Angeles weeks after the murder. The L.A. Spout Pouch

Times, however, cited a police source who said Magnotta isnot believed to be linked to the crime. The fact that Magnottamaintained at least 70 Facebook pages under various identities hasmade it difficult to be certain of his true whereabouts. Online glimpses into Magnotta’s self-obsessed world continue tosurface. The latest discovery is a tape of Magnotta auditioning fora plastic surgery reality show on Canadian cable network Slice. In the video, obtained by Global News, a producer asks him:”What do you see when you look in the mirror now?” Magnotta replies that he see “all the little flaws,” thensays “this might sound really weird,” but he wants twosmall bumps he refers to as devil’s horns removed from hisforehead. China Plastic Roll Film

He adds that no matter how much cosmetic surgery he has,he will probably never be satisfied with his appearance. Magnotta, 29, has been held in a Berlin prison since he wasarrested there Monday. German prosecutors said Thursday he likelywill be extradited back to Canada by the end of June. In Montreal, the mayor’s office said a moment of silence will beheld Monday before the monthly city council meeting in honour ofthe memory of the murder victim. Mayor Gerald Tremblay has extendedhis condolences to Lin’s family members, who arrived in MontrealTuesday to retrieve their son’s body. Drinking Water Bags

Memorials have cropped up at the corner store where Lin used towork, and at a statue of Norman Bethune near Concordia University’sdowntown campus. Concordia’s Chinese Students Association hasorganized a fund the Lin Jun Rest in Peace Foundation to paythe family’s expenses while they are here. Donations can be made atmontreal.chineseconsulate.org/fra/zlgxw/t939348.htm With files from Agence France-Presse.


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