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The Chinese government on Mondaypublicized its second national plan for human rights protection,promising to address challenges and work for the happiness anddignity of every citizen. The new plan, which addresses human rights protection work from2012-2015, was published by the State Council Information Officeand follows the previous one that covered the 2009-2010 period. Due to the influences and limitations of natural, historical andcultural factors, as well as the current level of economic andsocial development, China is still facing many challenges in thedevelopment of its human rights cause and it has a long way to gobefore fully allowing people to enjoy human rights, the documentsays. “It should be remembered that China remains a developing countrythat is fraught with problems from unbalanced, uncoordinated andunsustainable development,” it says. Personalized Watch Boxes

The 2012-2015 period will be a crucial time for the country toimprove its human rights situation while implementing the 12thFive-year Plan (2011-2015), deepening reform and opening-up andaccelerating the transformation of the country’s economicdevelopment pattern, it says. In the next three years, the Chinese government will combine itshuman rights endeavors with economic, political, cultural, socialand ecological construction, the document says. To meet people’s needs of living better lives, the country will”prioritize people’s rights to subsistence and development,” thedocument says, adding that it will safeguard and improve people’slivelihood and spare no efforts to solve problems of the utmost andimmediate concern to the people. Moreover, the country will practically safeguard its citizens’economic, political, social and cultural rights and promote socialequity and harmony, so as to ensure that every member of societylives “a happier and more dignified life,” it says. GUARANTEEING CIVIL RIGHTS “China endeavors to develop socialist democracy, improve thesocialist rule of law, expand the orderly political participationof citizens and guarantee people’s civil and political rights in anall-around way,” the document says. China Gift Packaging Boxes

In the plan, the country promises to observe more stringentjudicial procedures for issuing the death penalty and the supremecourt’s review of cases in which the death penalty is issued. China will improve the trial procedures in death penalty cases, thedocument says, adding that second-instance trials for all deathpenalty cases will be open to the public and the review of thedeath penalty should include the questioning of the defendant andhearing the opinions of his or her attorney, if the attorney sodemands. The supreme court will publicize typical cases to clarify standardsfor applying the death penalty, it says. Measures will also be adopted to protect the rights of the citizensinvolved in lawsuits and law enforcement activities. For instance,the country will equip police investigation rooms with sound andvideo recording devices as well as video surveillance systems toprevent any violation of citizens’ rights. Cardboard Gift Boxes

It will also step up efforts in investigating and punishingofficials who abuse their power and violate citizens’ rights incases such as those involving illegal detention. PROTECTING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM In the plan, the Chinese government pledges to protect religiousactivities in accordance with the law. The country will improve the organization and management of thehajj, or the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and providebetter services for pilgrims, the document says. The government will provide financial support for the constructionof new school buildings in the Buddhist Academy of China as well asthe expansion and improvement of the China Islamic Institute. More money will be budgeted for rebuilding and expanding religiousvenues in Tibetan-inhabited areas in Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu andQinghai provinces.

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