Ultimate insulation completes spf application at riding arena in – Spray Render Machine

For Central Canada, proper insulation iscritical in combatting the region’s frigid winter climate. Thatnotion held true for a commercial spray foam insulation project ata riding arena in Southey, Saskatchewan. The arena has stood for 15years, but the lack of proper insulation rendered the buildinginadequate for use during the winter. “The owners wanted to get more use out of it in thewinter,” said Kirk Labossiere, co-founder of UltimateInsulation, which performed the spray application. “There’s asmall stable where they keep and take care of the horses, and doingthat in the cold is difficult.” When temperatures dropped, the building would get draftier, theregulation of its temperature would become more inconsistent, andany major temperature difference between the interior and exteriorwould result in condensation on the walls.

With a solution sorely needed, the arena’s owners looked for ananswer, which was found via Spray Foam Canada’s SPF informationalnetwork. The site is targeted at those in various Canadian regionswho are in the market for spray foam applications. After finding aresource that touted the benefits of spray foam, the owners wereconnected with Premium Spray Products Canada, which isheadquartered in Regina and is less than an hour’s drive fromSouthey. “From lead to completion, it was around a month, and thecustomer was very happy,” said Darren Watson, CEO of PremiumSpray Products Canada.

“We’ve been happy with our leadgeneration, which provides opportunities for our customers to besuccessful, which allows us to be successful.” Ultimate Insulation placed the winning bid on the application,which called for the walls of the arena be sprayed with closed-cellfoam. Ultimate used Premium’s Foamsulate ECO 2 lb. spray foam andapplied to a thickness of 2″, with a resultant R-value of 13. Before any foam was sprayed, however, the arena required someextensive prep work. The siding had to be removed from thestructure’s interior walls and any left over dirt from the ridingring was subsequently removed from the walls’ lower levels.

Whenthe structure’s metal frame was clean, the last precaution was toallow the substrate to get to the proper temperature. Fortunately,this is the time of year where it’s merely a waiting game until theambient temperature is high enough, as opposed to employing a spaceheater. “We had to make sure that the temperature was proper and inthis case the day got warm enough for us to spray,” saidLabossiere. The spray area was sizable, over 4,000 sq.

ft., but Ultimate wasable to complete the project in a single day. A three-man crewutilized a spray rig equipped with dual proportioners to apply thefoam. “We’ve got a rig with two H-25 machines in it, so we had twoguys spraying and we were able to get the job finished by fouro’clock,” Labossiere said. Labossiere is no stranger to SPF applications, as he’s been in thespray foam industry since 2005 and subsequently founded UltimateInsulation with Wade Murray in 2010. The company’s business issplit 50/50 between residential and commercial applications.Labossiere noted the business landscape in and around Regina asbeing somewhat unique in North America.

“Regina is something of an anomaly; the economy is boominghere,” Labossiere said. “But there’s a lot ofcompetition.” Labossiere highlighted its relationship with Premium Spray ProductsCanada as a big part of Ultimate Insulation’s success. “We’ve got a great relationship with Premium,” he said.”They’re located a few blocks from us in Regina and we buy allour supplies from them.” Watson echoed that sentiment: “Ultimate Insulation is one of our larger customers on anational level,” he said. “They’re very experiencedapplicators and have grown very quickly with great customersupport, efficiency, and high quality work.” The companies also team up when it comes to giving back to thecommunity. “We do a lot of work for Habitat for Humanity,”Labossiere said.

“We contribute to about 10-12 builds per yearand Premium donates material as well.” About Ultimate Insulation: Based in Regina, Ultimate Insulation is one of the largestinsulation applicators in Canada’s Saskatchewan province. Thecompany’s fleet of applicators and equipment residential,commercial, agricultural and industrial applications, with projectsizes ranging from small crawl spaces to entire warehouses. Formore information, please use the contact details provided below, orcall (306) 205-7366. About Premium Spray Products Canada: Formerly known as Hesterman Technical Services Inc., Premium SprayProducts Canada has teamed up with Premium Spray Products ofMarietta, Georgia to create a North American formulator anddistributor of spray foam, industrial coatings, and Gracoequipment.

The company are known for their Foamsulate ECO brand ofclosed-cell and open-cell foam systems, as well as their Premisealroofing system and Premicote line of primer and coatings. Premiumspray Products Canada has been serving Canada since 1985 and iscommitted to providing high quality customer service. For moreinformation, please use the contact details provided below.
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