Correlated magnetics research awarded patent for magprinter technology – Miniature Surveillance Cameras

Posted: Apr 25th, 2012 Correlated Magnetics Research Awarded Patent for MagPrinterTechnology ( Nanowerk News ) Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) has received a Notice ofAllowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO) for a patent for CMR’s MagPrinter™ system developedby company founder Larry Fullerton and the CMR engineering team. The MagPrinter magnetizing circuit generates tightly focused,high-intensity magnetic fields that penetrate magnetizable materialto produce remnant magnetic elements, each having a specified size,shape, polarity, amplitude and orientation. The system can renderthese magnetic elements (maxels) even in the “hardest” rare-earthbased magnetic materials. This represents an enabling technologyfor coded magnet design, research and development. Vandal Proof Dome Camera

Because the system can render large numbers of magnetic elementswith great precision, complex encoded magnetic structures can becreated rapidly. Maxels in magnets are analogous to pixels in anelectronic display; the greater the number of maxels, the moreprecise the control over the resulting magnetic field and forces.Just as large numbers of picture elements provide richer visualcontent and more accurate image reproduction, so dohigh-maxel-count patterns affect the magnet capabilities andspatial focus. In the larger sense, CMR’s programmable magnet technology providesthe ability to develop magnetic structures to meet specificapplication requirements and functionality instead of relying onlyon the fixed behavior of conventional magnets. By aggregatingmaxels into prescribed geometric patterns, devices can be createdthat produce behaviors far beyond the simple attract and repel oftoday’s standard magnets. Miniature Surveillance Cameras

CMR’s MagPrinter system includes the patented magnetizing circuit,high-resolution positioning actuators, Silicon ControlledRectifiers (SCR) to change polarity “on-the-fly” and a robustmagnet design environment complete with library examples andarchive/retrieval capabilities. The creation of this systemelevated pattern research capacity from dozens of maxels tothousands of maxels per pattern, and empowers rapid prototyping ofmagnet test articles to complement the advanced numerical modelingcapabilities at CMR. Applications for coded magnetic structures are in developmentacross a wide range of product and process categories ranging frombiomedical analyzers and orthopedic solutions to aerospace andautomotive applications; from vibration isolation systems tomagnetic lifts, toys, consumer electronics, manufacturingequipment, motors, generators and more. “The MagPrinter provides our research and development team thecapability to imagine new solutions and pursue new inventions inmagnetism that can address an enormous variety of engineeringchallenges,” said Larry Fullerton, CMR CEO and inventor ofcorrelated magnetics. “Such solutions are inconceivable withconventional magnets. LCD CCTV Monitors Manufacturer

Companies are finding uses for behaviors suchas contactless attachment, precision alignment and storedmechanical energy 0.


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