Simei, the international exhibition of machinery for wine makingand bottling – Huawei WiFi Router

On Saturday 26 November the 24th year of SIMEI, the InternationalExhibition of Machinery for Wine making and Bottling organised bythe Unione Italiana Vini in the Fiera-Milano exhibition centre inRho, came to a close. A very important event offering a world preview of the technicalsolutions for all operators in the beverage, wine-growing andwine-making sector which has grown over the years as well as anexcellent overview for all the production technologies of thebeverages in general. The organisation has as always concentrated on the action necessaryto guarantee the attendance of company representatives in charge ofselecting and buying the products and services on show. The outcome of interviews held with the exhibitors confirms thesuccess of the event.

Most say they have benefitted from theattendance of selected national and international operators whowere both very interested and well informed. In particular thegradual development of the beverages area has rewarded thefarsightedness of the organisation as regards the future exchangeof information and experience among the various sectors and theincreasingly cosmopolitan nature of SIMEI. The figures for Simei 2011: 716 exhibiting companies (25 countries)over an exhibiting area of 80,000 square metres and more than48,000 visitors including 9,400 foreigners (90 countries). Lucio Mastroberardino, the Simei chairman, expressed his thanks tothe numerous companies that have once again put their trust inSIMEI and the Unione Italiana Vini which organizes it and which: has worked hard to increase the size and the international natureof the exhibitions and make a concrete contribution to the growthof companies in the industry . The careful promotion work carried out by the event organisers,especially in terms of foreign visitors, led to very high profilevisitors from the industry.

An overview showing a strong increase in the number of tradevisitors from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay,Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, other eastern Europeancountries, China, Israel and Poland. This is confirmed by the satisfaction of most exhibitors who wereable to speak directly to very interested operators. Considering the current economic climate both in Italy andworldwide – said the UIV Chairman Mastroberardino – Simei aimed athigh quality in terms of the operators and professionals byencouraging the attendance of visitors with decision and buyingpower. Despite the great difficulties on many world markets, even in 2010the technology sector showcased at Simei made a concretecontribution to the real economy of our country which, with apositive balance of approximately 1.7 billion Euros in terms ofexports, confirmed a 20% growth which continued into the first sixmonths of 2011. The Innovation Award 2011 was the first year of the Technological Innovation prize conceived by the Unione Italiana Vini to promote, as Vice Chairman,Domenico Zonin confirmed, excellence in machinery, equipment,products and services for companies in the wine-growing andwine-making, beverage and food processing sectors as well asconsumers. Unlock Huawei Dongle

More than 30 companies from all over the world took part in thecompetition which led to a preview of a total of 36 projects. Amongthese, judged by a Committee of leading authorities in Italianuniversity research and technical experts from some of the mostimportant wine-growing and wine-making companies in Italy, thewinners of the 4 prizes and 12 special mentions were selected. The experience of the senses. The Wine and Oil Bars (Hall 15) were a great success. Huawei WiFi Router

Thanks tothese the public were able to taste the products of the bestItalian companies with wine tasting sessions and demos of theeducational activities carried out by the UIV for sensory analysis. Conferences Over 2000 visitors took part in the numerous conferences andseminars held during the event which offered them the opportunityto meet and discuss the main issues and topics involving theindustry today. SIMEI and ENOVITIS gave positive signs. The event s well tried and tested and appreciated model wasdeveloped still further thanks to continuous hard work which led tothe new format. OEM Wireless Router

This demonstrated the importance of being able tocover the entire production chain and develop an increasinglyarticulate structure of content and services to promote the unionof demand and supply.


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