Schizophrenia – antipsychotic drugs significantly reduce relapserisk – VW Sat Nav DVD Manufacturer

Five decades worth of evidence demonstrates that antipsychoticdrugs can decrease the risk of relapse in patients withschizophrenia by 60% The study, published Online First in The Lancet , shows that patijdents taking antipsychotics also have aconsiderably lower chance of needing to be hospitalized, behaveaggressively, and may enjoy a better quality of life, compared withthose who do not take medication. Schizophrenia is a debilitating condition that often affects individualsthroughout their entire lives, and has a lifetime prevalence ofabout 1%. The gold-standard treatment for schizophrenia are antipsychoticdrugs that are not just extremely expensive being estimated ofcosting $18.5 billion in 2010 worldwide, but they may also causeserious side effects. It is therefore vital to monitor patients inorder to ensure they still benefit from ongoing drug treatment. Furthermore, given that the main cost for schizophrenia ishospitalization due to relapse, which is very common amongstschizophrenic patients, preventing a relapse has significanteffects. Honda Sat Nav DVD

Stefan Leucht, from the Technische Universit t M nchen inMunich, Germany, and his team conducted a systematic review andmeta-analysis of 116 reports, from 65 trials involving almost 6,500schizophrenics. that were published between 1959 and 2011. They discovered that only 27% of patients on antipsychotic drugssuffered from relapses, as compared with 64% on placebo. Theirfindings furthermore demonstrated that only 10% of patients onantipsychotic drugs were readmitted to hospital in comparison with26% on placebo, even though less than a third of relapsed patientshad to be admitted. VW Sat Nav DVD Manufacturer

Five studies indicated that those on antipsychotic drugs behavedless aggressively, whilst three studies suggested that those onantipsychotic maintenance treatment enjoyed a better quality oflife. The results were as follows: Antipsychotic Group Percentage of relapses 27% Readmission to the hospital 10% More side effects 16% Sedation 13% Weight gain 10% Placebo Group Percentage of relapses 64% Readmission to the hospital 26% More side effects 9% Sedation 9% Weight gain 6% The researchers concluded: “We have established that antipsychotic maintenance treatmentsubstantially reduces relapse risk in all patients withschizophrenia for up to 2 years of follow-up. The effect was robustin important subgroups such as patients who had only one episode,those in remission, and irrespective of abrupt or gradualwithdrawal of treatment or between first-generation orsecond-generation drugs, but the drugs seemed to lose theireffectiveness with time. Future studies should focus on outcomes ofsocial participation and long-term morbidity and mortality of thesedrugs.” Jim van Os from the Maastricht University Medical Centre in TheNetherlands and Oliver Howes from King’s College in London say in alinked comment: “Although the evidence for antipsychotic drugs seems robust,several important issues remain. We do not know whether patientsprefer drugs to placebo, and to what degree treatment affectssocial participation. Ford DVD Sat Nav Manufacturer

Although antipsychotic drugs might reducerelapse of psychosis, the cost-benefit analysis for long-term useis imprecise at best, and no evidence that other, more disabling,domains of psychopathology such as cognitive alterations ormotivational impairment are similarly alleviated is available.” Written By Petra Rattue Copyright: Medical News Today Not to be reproduced without permission of Medical News Today Additional References Citations.


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