Call to tweak coe system as small cars fight to fit in – DVB-T2 Digital Receiver Manufacturer

Opel and Chevrolet have models in both Cat A and Cat B but themajority of the two marques’ sales – about 80 per cent – are Cat Acars. “Right now, if a customer walks in and wants to register a Cat Acar immediately, it will not be possible unless he is willing topay the price of a Cat B COE,” said Mr Lee. “If the Open Cat COEscan be allocated in such a way that no one class of cars canmonopolise them, it will be more equitable.” One senior executive of a dealership, who declined to be namedbecause of company policy, agrees. “Yes, I think it will be betterto apportion some Open Cat COEs for Cat A and some for Cat B, sothat everyone has a chance to secure an Open Cat COE.” However, he added: “I think the best way forward is still toabolish Cat A and Cat B based on engine capacity and just go with asystem determined solely on exhaust emissions.” Neil Fiorentinos, managing director of BMW Group Asia, said thatthe recent hike in the COE price resulted from a combination ofstrong vehicle demand and short-term price pressure, due to thequota limits experienced this year. ISDB-T Receiver

“This price hike happens across all categories, even for commercialtrucks and lorries, not just passenger cars. At this moment, anyshort-term measures, including the separation of the Open Categoryfor Cat A, Cat B, etc, to alleviate the price pressure sentiment,will likely be welcomed by the general public.” BMW is a luxury carmaker and the popularity of its models made itSingapore’s top make last year. But the general manager of a smallmass-market dealership does not agree with the suggestion. “This iseffectively saying that Cat E should be abolished. This is rubbish.With this small COE quota we have now, it will push COE prices evenhigher.” He said that Cat E now gets 25 per cent from the deregistrations ofeach respective category. DVB-T2 Digital Receiver Manufacturer

Under the suggestion, if there are 100Cat A COEs available for bidding, 25 pieces will be turned into aso-called Open Cat A COE, or a transferable Cat A COE. The general manager asked: “Cat A, Cat B and Cat D (formotorcycles) were made non-transferrable to prevent speculation. Ifyou allow speculation in Cat A COEs, plus reduce the supply ofnon-transferrable Cat A COEs, won’t that raise premiums evenfurther?” This article was first published in The Business Times . Follow @asiaonemotoring. ATSC Digital Receiver


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