Algeria’s islamist coalition claims fraud widespread inparliamentary elections – China Customized Cell Phones

ALGIERS, Algeria – An alliance of Islamist parties expecting a strong showing inAlgeria’s elections accused authorities Friday of widespread fraudas initial figures pointed to them finishing third, with aspokesman suggesting unrest could ensue. The people of this oil-rich North African nation voted for a newparliament Thursday, in an election authorities billed as aresponse to the pro-democracy movements sweeping the Arab region.Results are released Friday. Preliminary figures from Thursday night based on initial votetallies gathered by the “Green Alliance” of three Islamist parties,put it just behind the former ruling party, the National LiberationFront, known by its French initials FLN in the 462-seat assembly. But figures released Friday on private Algerian satellitetelevision showed the Islamists coming in a distant third, behindFLN and its sister government party, the National Democratic Rally.Those figures could not immediately be confirmed. Unlock Huawei Dongle

Abderrazzak Mukri, a campaign manager for the alliance, said thatthe results the parties are seeing from the Interior Ministrydiffer dramatically from those gathered by the alliance’sobservers. He told reporters in Algiers that “there is a process of fraud on acentralized level to change the results that is putting the countryin danger.” He blamed President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and added, “we are notresponsible for what could happen” as a result of the allegedfraud. He did not elaborate on the veiled reference to possible unrest.Algeria plunged into a decade of insurgency after the army canceledelections 20 years ago an Islamist party was slated to win. In a subsequent statement, the alliance said if the fraud wasofficial they would “take all the necessary measures,” once againwithout elaborating. The statement said the effort to boost the results of the FLN andits fellow government party, the National Democratic Rally,”contradicted the spirt of political reform and the hope and trustof the Algerian people.” Even 10 years after the civil war ended, the country still suffersfrom attacks by the North Africa branch of al-Qaida in amountainous region east of the capital. China Customized Cell Phones

There were reports of a fewisolated attacks during elections, but no fatalities, on electionday. Bouteflika has spent the past several months urging Algerians tocome out and vote, alternating promises of bold postelectionreforms after elections with warnings that foreign powers mightinvade Algeria if there were a low turnout. In contrast to the long lines and enthusiastic voters found inother Arab countries during elections brought on by the ArabSpring, most Algerians expressed little interest during thecampaign, citing the assembly’s lack of power and chronic electionfraud. This election, however, was supposed to be the freest and fairestin 20 years and the government even invited in 500 internationalobservers. Turnout hovered at 30 percent in major cities, such as the capital,Algiers, but the government announced that the final rate ofparticipation for inside and outside the county was 42.9 percent ofthe 21.6 million registered voters. China Huawei WiFi Router

A number of independent newspapers expressed skepticism over thegovernment’s final turnout figure, citing a lack of voter interestobserved across the country by their reporters in the field. In at least one polling station watched by The Associated Press,there were more voided ballots, where voters either submitted adamaged ballot in the voting envelope or none at all, than votesfor any other single party, suggesting widespread dissatisfactionwith the choices. The new parliament is expected to help rewrite the country’sconstitution and have a say in the organization of Algeria’spresidential election in 2014. Despite its hydrocarbon wealth, there is widespread dissatisfactionin Algeria and frequent demonstrations and riots over unemployment,poor utilities and lack of housing.

Unemployment is only officially at 10 percent, but rises to atleast 20 percent among university graduates. About 70 percent ofthe population is under 35.


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