Battery cage ban compliance expected by end of year – Plastic Snack Bags Manufacturer

Recent figures from the European Commission indicated thatapproximately 50 million hens one on seven were still beingkept in battery cages, despite the ban, which came into force atthe start of this year. The Commission had told 12 non-compliant member states – Belgium,Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Hungary,the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal they needed to make extraefforts to avoid a final warning, before being referred to court. But at a meeting of the European Agriculture Committee this week,Commissioner John Dalli announced that all member states hadpromised that they would be compliant with the ban on battery cagesby the end of this year, according Scottish MEP George Lyon. Mr Lyon welcomed the promises made by member states but said it was still an outrage that many countries have waited to the lastmoment to get their act together. Vacuum Packaging Bags

That is another year that UK egg producers have had to competewith one hand tied behind their back, he said. Mr Dalli also said that 16 Member States now expected to becompliant with the partial sow stall ban by the time it comes intoforce at the start of next year. Mr Lyon said the poor levels of compliance with the battery cageban showed we need to redouble our efforts to force the pace withcountries that are dragging their feet on complying with the ban onsow stalls and avoid this mess happening again . Pressure must be brought to bear through tough action in thecourts by the Commission against those who are going to miss thedeadline. Action also needs to be taken by the major retailers inthe market place, he said. Plastic Snack Bags Manufacturer

Mr Lyon said the EU Commissioner had given his backing to plans fora major European retailer summit in Brussels, which the MEP sees asan opportunity to put serious pressure on them to give a publicpledge to sell only legally produced pork products once the bancomes into force . The combined threat of legal and market sanctions will focusminds in those countries that are dragging their feet on theseimportant animal welfare issues and hopefully speed up the processof compliance, Mr Lyon said. Food Packaging Plastic Bags


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