Cleaning company coit celebrates national safety month – China Anti Static Safety Shoes

This month, the National Safety Council is celebrating NationalSafety Month, an annual observance designed to educate Americansabout the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. COIT,a leading supplier of specialty cleaning and disaster restorationservices headquartered in San Francisco, is honoring the event byencouraging its customers and other consumers to be aware ofpersonal safety hazards that can occur in any home. National SafetyMonth focuses, for example, on slips, trips, and falls, which arecommon causes of home injuries. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2012 Maintaining a clean, uncluttered home is about much more thanaesthetics, Bob Kearn, President and CEO of COIT , said. It s also an important aspect of protecting the safetyof everyone who resides in, or visits, the home.

Clutter in the home can easily create an increased tripping risk. When toys, tools, or magazines are left scattered across thefloor, there is a danger that an unknowing family member or guestmight step on an item, trip, and have a catastrophic fall, Kearnsaid. Clutter, in general, can be a dangerous hazard in thehome. Wet floors also present a serious safety risk.

Many people moptheir floors and forget to alert family members that the floors arewet. This can lead to dangerous slips and falls, especially in ahome that includes elderly family members, Kearn said. Safety isa priority for COIT; during professional home cleanings,technicians carry a variety of items to help safeguard customersduring and after a service. For example, they place paper walkoff mats on hard surfaces adjacent to freshly cleaned carpets that may still be damp. The walk-off mats absorb any dampness thatremains on customers shoes and serve as visual reminders to becareful when stepping from one surface to another until cleanedcarpets are completely dry.

Area rugs can pose a tripping hazard at home. COIT recommends installingcolorful area rugs that are easily visible to family members andfriends, and making sure the rugs are maintained with regularcleanings and the repair of any loose threading or fabric.Carpeting should also be maintained properly so that loose cornersor uneven areas don t become an added home danger. COIT can makerecommendations for proper area rug padding that will prevent arearugs from slipping on wood floors. Many of the company s locationsalso offer repairs on rug fringe.

In addition to the potential for slips, trips, and falls, fire is adanger that concerns every homeowner. One step any homeowner cantake to decrease the risk of a devastating fire is to maintaindryer vents properly. Lint is created when water is removed fromgarments that are exposed to hot air in a dryer s drum, andalthough a great deal of that lint is captured by the dryer sfilter, some of it is carried through the venting system where itcan accumulate, reduce airflow, and create a highly flammable fuelsource. According to FEMA, 12,700 clothes dryer fires occurannually in residential buildings, resulting in 15 deaths and 300injuries. To help homeowners prevent these dangerous fires, COITnow offers a dryer vent cleaning service combined with the installation of a LintAlert Dryer SafetyAlarm.

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