Lady gaga likes to be controversial, says show promoter – China Vag Diagnostic Cables

MANILA, Philippines – People wanting to stop the Lady Gaga concerton May 21 and 22 at SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City are barkingup the wrong tree, says Renen de Guia, head of Ovation Productions,organizer of the two-night show. “They are reacting to Lady Gaga’s music video of ‘Judas’ (a trackfrom her 2011 album ‘Born This Way’), which has nothing to do withthe concerts,” De Guia told the Inquirer on Friday. The concert promoter revealed that he and a member of Lady Gaga’steam went to see Pasay City Mayor Antonio Calixto early Friday toexplain that the show is part of “a brand-new tour which wasconceptualized recently and may not necessarily include the visualson the video [of ‘Judas’].” The music video, which currently has more than 138 million views onYouTube, stars Lady Gaga as a modern-day Mary Magdalene caughtbetween her allegiance to Jesus and a disturbing attraction toJudas. It has more than 462,447 likes and 144,523 dislikes. Perkins EST

Even before the video’s release in April 2011, the Catholic Leaguefor Religious and Civil Rights-an American Catholic antidefamationand civil rights organization-had reportedly condemned the26-year-old singer-songwriter for the use of religious imagery andher role in the video. Metaphor Explaining the song’s meaning, Lady Gaga was quoted on the Internetservice provider MSN Canada: “‘Judas’ is a metaphor and an analogyabout forgiveness and betrayal and things that haunt you in yourlife, and how I believe that it’s the darkness in your life thatultimately shines and illuminates the greater light that you haveupon you. Someone once said to me, ‘If you have no shadows then you’re notstanding in the light.’ So the song is about washing the feet ofboth good and evil and understanding and forgiving the demons fromyour past in order to move into the greatness of your future. Ijust like really aggressive metaphors- harder, thicker, darker-andmy fans do as well. So it is a very challenging and aggressivemetaphor, but it is a metaphor.” De Guia pointed out that Lady Gaga, just like other artists, likesto be controversial. China Vag Diagnostic Cables

He cited the rumors surrounding the NewYork-born singer when he produced her first concert in Manila twoyears ago: “The talk back then was that she’s a hermaphrodite. Didshe deny it? No. She went along with the rumor. Now we all knowthat it was just rumor. Today she’s thought of as evil who belongs to a satanic cult. China Launch x431 Master Scanner

Againshe’s not denying. We should know better. The controversy isworking.” Paranoid The promoter added that the “Judas” music video “is very tame,compared to other videos by R&B and hip-hop artists. “If you’reparanoid, everything is evil to you. And why is nobody making afuss over vampire movies.

Why single out Lady Gaga?” De Guia went further back to the 1970s, recounting the heavy metalband Black Sabbath, whose lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne, hadcultivated an evil persona and once bit the head of a bat whileperforming at a concert. “What did Ozzy do later? He starred in hisown reality TV series, doing comedy.” Entertainment People should understand, De Guia stressed, that “it’s all aboutentertainment.” He noted that the artist’s show in Seoul-which opened the ongoing”Born This Way Ball” tour-was declared for-adults-only, but”Koreans realized that it was really wholesome.” Tickets to the Lady Gaga concert at the 20,000-capacity Mall ofAsia Arena are selling fast, according to De Guia. “The first nightis as good as sold out. We didn’t want to decide too late, so weadded another night.”.


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