Museum of fine arts receives massive gift from trustee – China OEM GSM Modem – Mini 3G Module Manufacturer

“Most of the pictures are happy,”” said Lane, whowas trained as a schoolteacher, and taught third grade for severalyears. “I just want to encourage people tocome!”” she said of her desire to get people intomuseums. “Art is not strange, it”s nothing to be afraidof. It”s just wonderful to see people have a chance atsomething.”” This gift comes more than two decades after the Lanes together gave90 American modernist paintings and works on paper to the MFA,including paintings by Georgia O”Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, andJacob Lawrence. (Many of these hang in three galleries named forthe Lanes in the MFA”s Art of the Americas Wing.) The Lanes were pioneering collectors in the fields of earlyAmerican modernist painting and photography at a time when neitherfield had much prestige.

The owner of a plastics manufacturing company based in Leominster,William Lane was zealous about art. “I remember Bill always saying, ‘Look. Look. Look.Preferably with your mouth closed,” “” said MFApaintings curator Karen Quinn.

Few of the works the Lanes bought are large, because William neededto be able to fit them into his station wagon. Having set up the William H. Lane Foundation in 1953 to promote theartists whose work he collected, he spent much of his time in thewagon transporting works to and from school, college, and smallermuseums in New England and the mid-Atlantic states for temporaryexhibitions. According to Haas, who, like several other MFA colleagues, countsLane as a close friend and collaborator, “Saundra used tojoke that she knew all the museum loading docks in the area butrarely entered through their front doors.”” “I felt like we were educators,”” said Lane.”That helped me feel right at home.”” Rather than keep at a safe distance, like many collectors, theLanes liked to get involved with the artists they supported. Unlock Huawei Dongle

Theyforged close friendships with many. Saundra Lane, for instance, spent a morning in the darkroom withAnsel Adams, with whom the Lanes were particularly close. Shedescribes watching him work as “like watchingballet.”” “He was a big man, but he was so light on hisfeet!”” When, as a guest at Ghost Ranch, Georgia O”Keeffe”s NewMexico home, she asked the artist how she handled having an olderhusband, O”Keeffe responded, “Well, how are you findingit?”” According to Haas, writing in the introduction to”An Enduring Vision: Photographs from the LaneCollection,”” Lane replied, “I seem to listen alot.”” And O”Keeffe said, “So doI.”” An amateur pilot, William Lane used to fly to Ghost Ranch in adecommissioned AT-6 two-seater with his wife, who is short ofstature, sitting on cushions in the seat behind. “I rememberyou, Bill Lane,”” O”Keeffe would say. “Youcame in like a silver bird.”” Both Lanes became close not only to the four sons of Edward Weston(who died before they could meet him), but to his grandchildren andeven to his model, muse, and wife, Charis Wilson. China OEM GSM Modem

They became close to curators, too. Saundra Lane, who grew up inChelsea, first visited the MFA when she was at Simmons Collegetraining to become a schoolteacher. She has maintained a relationship with the museum ever since. “The MFA staff has come to feel like family and the museumlike an extension of my own home,”” she said. Mini 3G Module Manufacturer

The Lanes have always been fastidious about documenting theircollection. In notebooks and on the backs of the works of art theykept careful records of when and how each work was acquired, whereit has traveled, and which exhibitions it has been lent to. Lane has included this material in her gift to the MFA, along withthe couple”s correspondence with artists. “It”s every curator”s dream,”” saidHaas. Most of the photographs that are part of the new gift have been onlong-term loan to the museum for years.

But most of the 500 acquired by Lane since her husband”sdeath, along with paintings and works on paper, were transported tothe museum in a truck last week. Given the generous gift in 1990, and Lane”s deepeninginvolvement with the MFA over the years, was her collection alwaysbound to end up at the museum? According to Rogers: “We always lived in hope. But howconfident can you ever be? We were certainly surprised about thetiming. She just stepped forward.”” “She always made it clear that the collection would be cominghere without ever spelling it out,”” said Haas.”I think once we started doing exhibitions together, therewas a growing confidence with each project.”” Asked to describe Lane, Rogers said, “She”s a veryeffective communicator without being at all‘school-marmy.” She has a girlish charm, a vivacity,which is very attractive.

And she combines strong opinions withstrong taste.”” “She”s savvy, she has a good eye, and she”s sodown to earth,”” said Quinn. “She really wants toshare this material with the world.”” Lane also has”a romantic side,”” according to Haas, promptingher colleague Quinn to observe: “The whole collection has aromantic streak running through it.”” One photograph purchased by Lane is by the Swiss-born AmericanRobert Frank. It shows two chairs in the Tuileries Garden in Paris. One chair hasa circular seat and a rounded back and arms.

It seems more feminineand present. The second, all straight lines, is folded up and leansagainst a wall behind. Present, absent; feminine, masculine.

. . It could be seen aquiet but poignant commentary on Mr. and Mrs. Lane.

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