South africa prefers local coach for 2014 fifa world cup endeavor – China Long Range RFID Reader

South Africa apartheid soccerlegend Sunday commended the South African Football Association (SAFA) for setting criteria to only consider senior local soccerplayers to coach the national men soccer team. Zacharia Lamola, who played soccer in the early 1970s, said thenotion is a bold move towards reconstruction of local football andrealization of South Africa soccer identity. South Africa national team, Bafana Bafana, has been under thetutelage of foreign coachers for a long time. This ended in 2010when Pitso Mosimane took over from Brazil’s Carlos Alberto Parreirawho failed to take Bafana Bafana to the second round during theFIFA 2010 world cup.

Mosimane was fired last week after his team drew 1-1 scoring at thelast 15 minutes against the low rated Ethiopia. His team failed toimpress the nation on almost all games it played since hisappointment. However, Lamola said Mosimane has done a lot towardsre-branding South Africa soccer and should not be blamed for BafanaBafana failure. “He has done his duty and what he can. We should know that he tookover a team that had gradually lost the South Africa style ofsoccer so his (duty) was not only training but installing thatvalue to our boys,” Lamola, 61, said in an interview with Xinhua.”He did a lot to give the team local focus,” he added.

Lamola who played alongside soccer stars like of Patson Banda ” TheBlack Cat”, Jomo Sono “the Black Prince”, Ephraim Mashaba andRodney Kitchin said South Africa will go to the 2014 FIFA World Cupwith a local coach. “We have everything. We have talent. What we want is a local brandfrom a local coach,” Lamola said. Barrier Gates

Lamola who played number eight during the first national officialmulti-racial soccer team that thrashed the all star Argentina team5-0 at Rand stadium in Johannesburg in 1976 urged SAFA to utilizeretried local players. He called on the soccer governing body tosupport former willing devote their time towards national soccerdevelopment. He said it is vital for old players to interact with nationalcoachers, the national team players and soccer administrators. The soccer legend affectionately know in his yore days as “TheComputer” because “I was able to calculate the game and could readthe situation to beat the enemy said old players can add value bygiving advice, ideas, wisdom and motivation to young players duringtheir camping and practice. “All this must happen in South Africa if we want to avoid beingalways disappointed by our boys,” said Lamola who is also a wellknown motivational speaker. China Long Range RFID Reader

He urged SAFA to create a platform thatallows formal interaction between young and old soccer players. “Former players are assets to the nation they plough back wisdomand experience. By neglecting our former player we are destroyingour football,” said Lamola who has devoted his lifetime tovolunteer amature soccer training in Soweto. “SAFA must ensure that there is a platform where these retiredplayers gather to share experience with our present young playersespecially those in the national team,” the former national teammidfielder said. “Former player are crucial for national soccer development in everycountry but here we are not taken serious,” he added. Swing Barrier Manufacturer

SAFA is currently hunting for a candidate to replace Mosimane. Ithas since listed five former Bafana Bafana players includingcurrent assistant coach Steve Komphela. Others include Mashaba,Gordon Igesund, Gavin Hunt and Neil Tovey. SAFA Chief Executive officer Robin Petersen said the interviewprocess will start on June 13, 2012 and is expected to be concludedon June 18 with the final candidate announced to the nation on orbefore June 30.


Michael jackson: on the anniversary of his passing – China False Eyelash Extensions

Not too long ago, I flew to Burbank to be a guest on a newtelevision pilot. In the car, as I passed the Forest Lawn Cemeteryof Glendale, I looked into the mirror and saw, not the face of thegrown woman that I have become, but my 7-year old face. That facewas one that only a mother could love, let alone think wasbeautiful. I flashed back to the year,1964, before the slogan”Black is Beautiful” made us believe, before the cry: ” I’m Blackand I’m Proud” was popular, before the raised and clenched fists ofthe gold and silver Olympic medalists were seen on every televisionacross the nation.

It was a runway’s length of years before thefirst black Miss America was crowned, light years before the firstblack astronaut blasted into space and many graceful, elegant yearsbefore the first black First Lady of the United States of Americamoved into the White House. The nose in the mirror that day was flat, the skin was brown, theteeth protruded and the hair was kinky. Clothes were purchased inthe basement of the local department store, hair was plaited andbraces were but a dream. There were no hair weaves, braids withextensions, acrylic nail, false eyelashes or teeth whitening, then.Self esteem was instilled by the family and the surroundingneighborhood (AKA….the Village). Childhood was a time of fun,with no responsibilities in summer but playing outside until thestreetlights came on, jumping double-dutch or playing stickball.

As that seven year old grew up, there were five brothers from Gary,Indiana whose music made her feel special with songs like I’ll Be There and I Want You Back . They made us burst with pride that we had our own superstarsamong the popular groups, The Monkeys and The Beatles . We loved the harmony, the costumes, and the dance steps of thosefive brothers. We loved their afros, broad noses, full lips andbrown skin.

They were like us and we were like them. We loved themand by extension, ourselves. The group of five, shaped our dreams,wishes and goals. Not only did I want to grow up to be a doctor,but I wanted to grow up and meet Michael and I wanted to grow upand marry Jermaine. Forty-some years later, two of those dreamsremain unfulfilled.

As I drove past the cemetery that Saturday morning, where MichaelJackson now rests, I thought about the lyrics to his song, I’ll Be There “I’ll be there to protect you, with an unselfish love I respectyou, Just call my name and I”ll be there.” During my young years, the person who was “there for me” and who”called my name” was my mother who, despite what we both saw in themirror at that time, told me that I was beautiful. Yes, she thoughtthat the funny looking face, the one that I saw in the mirror whilepassing the Forest Lawn Cemetery, the poor, black, disenfranchisedlittle girl from the ghetto of north Philadelphia with the broadnose, brown skin, protruding teeth and kinky hair was beautiful.Not beautiful in a conceited way or a pompous way, but in aprotective and loving way that would make the little girl thinkthat she was a worthwhile human being and the world was worthy ofher ultimate achievements and accomplishments and she of producingthem. And so, I grew up believing that I was beautiful…(ok, ok,maybe not beautiful but definitely cute) and that I could doanything that I set my mind to. Regrettably, I did not get to meet Michael once I grew up. ButMichael’s death made me reflect on lessons learned.

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Why exhibition place might be the only logical choice for awaterfront casino – China Industrial Computer Keyboard

Q: So that doesn t sound likely, but let s play what if for amoment. The Port Lands is a huge tract of land if a casino wasto be placed there, where might it go? A: East of the Don Roadway and north of the shipping channel would bethe best land to develop, Mr. Williams said, although he was quickto add that no area of the Port Lands has been zoned for a casino. Q: What about the colossal, and abandoned, Hearn GeneratingStation? A: Mr. Williams didn t rule it out completely. Illuminated Metal Keyboard

There would be morework to make the Hearn building suitable. There is a temporarybridge that would need to be fixed, the road network would need tobe fixed and water and sewage linkages would have to be checked, he said. The answer to that is I don t know, but it s notimpossible Q: So what does Exhibition Place have that the Port Lands doesn t? A: Pretty much everything. In terms of land it is all ready andserviceable, said Diane Young, CEO of Exhibition Place. Obviouslythe land has been highly serviced, the open areas right now areused to hold the old Exhibition grandstand, which seated 50,000people. China Industrial Computer Keyboard

So the open area is serviced well, she said. Publictransportation to the area is also well established. We obviouslyhave 1.5 million people that come here during the 18-day fair. Q: So, what would make for a good layout for a casino? A: Either you use an existing entertainment precinct or you createone and don t expect to build a residential community aroundone, said John Campbell, CEO of Waterfront Toronto. And sinceExhibition Place is an already established entertainment centre, itis the more obvious choice, he said. Waterproof Silicone Keyboard Manufacturer

A casino typically requireshotels and trade centres in order to be successful. Well guesswhat? It already has a trade centre and a hotel is coming there inSeptember. Q: If Exhibition Place has the infrastructure, the land and thepublic transportation, why is the Port Lands even being discussed? A: If could just be a way to attract investors, said Mr. Campbell. The Port Lands needs some catalyst in order to justifyinvestment, he said.

I think it is not because it is the bestlocation for a casino to go, but if there is something out there tojustify having a third party put in the infrastructure to make itflood protected, provide sewer water, roads, etc. National Post.

Calgary climate fit for goldilocks – one that’s just right – RF Cable Assembly – Two Way Radio Antenna

Kenzie Love , For the Calgary Herald If you don t like the weather, wait five minutes and it llchange. It s a claim made by dozens of cities, but in Calgary,it s actually true. Okay, maybe it s a slight exaggeration. But few would dispute theweather here can indeed change rapidly.

On Jan.11, 1983, thetemperature rose 30 degrees, from 17C to 13C, in just a fewhours, thanks to a Chinook. And on more than a few occasions inApril, a spring blizzard has dumped more snow on the city in asingle day than is typical for the entire month. But while such abrupt incidents do happen, Environment Canadameteorologist David Phillips says they mask the broader statisticalpicture, which reveals a city that s neither overly hot norextremely cold. Compared to some other Canadian cities, you mightsay Calgary actually has a climate fit for Goldilocks onethat s just right.

But isn t this the same city that was reported to be thesecond-coldest place on Earth one day in November, 2010? That mayhave been true for a brief period, Phillips allows, but hemaintains Calgary s far from being the coldest city in Canada, letalone the world (a distinction that more properly belongs toYakutsk, Siberia). When I think of Calgary, I don t think of cold, he says. Imean, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Estevan, Red Deer, are colderthan Calgary. It can still get cool in Calgary, of course, but there s a brightside literally. Rubber Duck Antenna

Even when it s -30C out, the sun can still beshining. In fact, Environment Canada statistics show Calgary hasthe most sunny days of any of the country s 100 largest cities. There are not many bragging points, whether it be the wettest,the driest, the coldest, the warmest, says Phillips. But theone thing that Calgary does have that s probably worth braggingabout is with regards to its sunshine. And sunshine can be veryuplifting psychologically. RF Cable Assembly

That might seem like cold comfort on those days when it s asfrigid as Yakutsk. Unlike Siberia, though or Winnipeg, Edmonton, or Saskatoon Calgary cold snaps seldom last long before they re interrupted byone of the aforementioned Chinooks. On encountering one of these warm, dry winds that blows down theeastern slopes of the Rockies and over the Prairies, Scottishexplorer Alexander Mackenzie described it as a perfecthurricane. While a Chinook in winter is often welcome, it has it challenges,too, particularly the dry skin that c omes with dry weather. Fortunately, most of the negative aspects of Calgary s weather arefairly easily remedied. Two Way Radio Antenna

If preserving a youthful appearance isimportant, buy a humidifier or invest in a good moisturizer. Ifit s cold outside, bundle up. If it s too bright, put on somesunglasses. And remember: if you don t like the weather, just wait fiveminutes.

Kate middleton hurt as pippa middleton seeks hollywood movie star – Childrens Winter Boots

Kate Middleton is angry and hurt as reports about Pippa Middleton moving to Beverly Hills emerged this week. Kate and herhusband, Prince William, were shocked and appalled by Pippa sbehavior in Paris when she was photographed in a variety ofcompromising positions, including some which were criminal . Pippa s behavior in Paris was far out of line for the sisterof the future Queen of England. However Kate still loves her sister dearly and does not relish thethought of Pippa hooking up with a movie star. Womens Casual Flat Shoes

Imagine thescandal if Pippa were to come home from Hollywood with a CharlieSheen or a Russell Brand in tow! According to The National Enquirer Pippa is planning her move tothe Mecca for celebrity attention whores Beverly Hills whereshe will be able to maximize her income and nab a movie star. Pippa has always been desperate for the limelight and as long asshe remains in the United Kingdom she will always be seen as KateMiddleton s little sister. Since her humiliation in Paris and subsequent royal spanking Pippa s urge to splurge has been festering and she hopes thatonce in America she can really let loose. The Royal Familymust be quaking in their very expensive boots. National Enquirer Plus June 1 Edition reports: Pippa Middleton looks to follow the same course as British heiress Petra Ecclestonewho is best of friends with Paris Hilton and who has been a buddingstar in L.A. Childrens Winter Boots

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Duchess Kate, is planning onmoving to Beverly Hills to escape London s prying eyes, set up herown fashion and beauty empire and, hopefully, land herself a moviestar husband! She s got her eye on a few famous guys, a friend confides. She d love to become a real Beverly Hills housewife! Butcreating her empire is the first order of business; the 28-year-oldhas already been in talks with fashion insiders and prospectivepartners for a line of beauty products with her name on them. There seems to be a fascination about what she s wearing andPippa is keen to exploit it explains the friend. She isvery entrepreneurial, loves fashion and beauty and is savvy enoughto realize that she s a walking billboard. Another reason for the move? While Pippa initially enjoyed theattention after her sister Kate, 30, married Prince William, 29,last year, she was devastated by the negative press she receivedwhen one of her friends flashed a gun during a trip to Paris in April. China Mens Winter Snow Boots

She feels like she can t be herself anymore, saysa friend A move to American would put her an ocean away from royal gossips but if course, it would force her to leave her sister behind. Can t you just see Pippa on the loose in Hollywood? Dating bigstars and partying her little heart out? Hey Lindsay Lohan, doyou need a party pal? Maybe Pippa and Katy Perry can try to double team some NFL player s? What do you think? Will the royals allow Pippa tomove? Will they force her to marry some boring Duke and stickher away in the British countryside? Let us know in thecomments below. Image credit: Flynet UK/FameFlynet Pictures RELATED POSTS Palace Tries To Split Up Kate Middleton And Sister Pippa Middleton Kate Middleton Teases Pippa About Her Butt Kate Middleton s Sister Pippa Middleton Faces Arrest In Paris OverGun Incident (Photos) Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Are Disgusted With PippaMiddleton Kate Middleton Forced To Dismiss Pippa Middleton From The RoyalFamily Kate Middleton Loves Her Sister Pippa And Nothing Comes BetweenThem Is Pippa Middleton Hunting For A Duke? Jealous of Kate? Pippa Middleton s Kinky Photo Has Kate Middleton Angry AndSuspicious (Photo).

Hotel industry to be constrained in near term: study – DVB-T2 Digital Receiver – ISDB-T Receiver Manufacturer

“In the near term, we expect marketwide average rates andoccupancy levels to remain constrained as new supplies open up in2012 and 2013, with a high proportion of new rooms in the luxuryand upper upscale segments,” says the study. “However,the adverse impact is expected to be short-lived with significantcommercial and industrial developments being planned across thecity,” it added. Of the upcoming new rooms, almost 35 per cent of the rooms inChennai are expected in the luxury segment while 25 per cent of theupcoming supply would be in the midscale and economy segment.Serviced apartment and upscale segments would contribute around 4per cent and 3 per cent respectively. The occupancy levels, which increased to 68 per cent in 2010-11compared to 64 per cent in 2008-09 has been in a decline during thefirst three months of 2012. DVB-T Digital Receiver

For the year-to-date 2012, according tothe report published in April 2012, the occupancy levels registereda decline of 300 basis points to reach 65 per cent, owing to theincrease in the supply. The average daily rate (ADR) for rooms remained stable during theperiod, around Rs 6,100. The ADR saw a decline in 2010-11 when theoccupancy levels grew to Rs 6,100, almost 12 per cent down from theRs 7,000 ADR in 2008-09. The revenue per available room (RevPAR) in Chennai reached Rs 4,400in 2008-09, and later started declining as the demand conditionssoftened and new supply entered market. DVB-T2 Digital Receiver

“However, with acontinuous addition of branded supply, the market has witnessed adecline in average rates. Because of this, there has been an 11 percent decline in RevPAR since 2008-09,” says the report. The report also states that the lodging demand in Chennai isdominated by the business segment, contributing 70-75 per cent ofthe total demand, while meetings, incentives, conferences andexhibitions (MICE) occupy 10-15 per cent and leisure 5-10 per centof the demand. The metro, which is home to industries such as manufacturing,automobile, auto-ancillaries, IT and IT-enabled Services andshipping, has the potential for greater business demand, it added. ISDB-T Receiver Manufacturer

To placate settlers, israel to build additional 850 apartments inwest bank – Handmade False Eyelashes Manufacturer

JERUSALEM – Israel’s plans to build hundreds of new homes in Jewish West Banksettlements have put Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at oddsagain with Washington and the Palestinians, without appeasingsettlers furious over the government’s plan to dismantle anillegally built settler enclave. Engineers, meanwhile, questioned the government’s plan tophysically uproot the five apartment buildings that make up theUlpana enclave, saying it would be a colossal waste of money andlikely doomed to fail. Netanyahu, an ardent settlement champion, has proposed that plan toavert the spectacle of settlement homes being demolished on hiswatch. On Wednesday, officials announced the government would build 850apartments in various West Bank settlements after parliament, atNetanyahu’s urging, voted down a bill that would have legalizedUlpana and other settler outposts built illegally on privately heldPalestinian land. The international community condemns settlementconstruction, and the Palestinians have refused to talk peace whileIsrael builds on land they claim for a future state.

Netanyahu found himself in the politically difficult position ofhaving to carry out a Supreme Court ruling ordering the 30apartments in Ulpana destroyed by July 1. Knowing it would notstand up to the court’s scrutiny, he pressured coalition lawmakerson Wednesday to vote down a proposal by hardline legislators tolegalize outposts built on privately held Palestinian land. To blunt the blow to settlers, he vowed to build 300 more homes inthe authorized settlement of Beit El, on whose outskirts Ulpanalies. “Israel is a democracy that observes the law, and as prime ministerI am obligated to preserve the law and preserve the settlements.And I say here that there is no contradiction between the two,” hesaid Wednesday after the vote. Later, Construction Minister Ariel Attias announced that anadditional 551 apartments would be built elsewhere in the WestBank.

“Thirty apartments will be evacuated, but 850 will be builtinstead,” said Attias in a statement. “Under the circumstances,this is a worthy solution.” The Beit El announcement, the first new construction to be approvedby the government in half a year, is largely symbolic. Theconstruction could be years away, since a lengthy planning processis required before any building can begin, officials say. Hagit Ofran of the anti-settlement watchdog group Peace Now saidthe remaining units appear to have already been planned long ago.Israel builds about 2,000 housing units in the West Bank each year,and she said the newly announced plans would not change that pace. Even so, the Palestinians and the U.S. Diamond False Eyelashes

harshly condemned the newconstruction as a sign of bad faith. Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat denounced the newconstruction as a measure “that undermines all efforts to revivethe peacemaking between the two sides.” With 500,000 Israelis now living on land claimed by thePalestinians, they say their dream of gaining independence isgrowing ever more distant. Israel says negotiations must beconducted without preconditions. In a sharply worded statement, the U.S. accused Israel of hinderingpeace efforts with the newly announced settlement construction— and appeared to question both sides’ declared commitmentsto peacemaking. Handmade False Eyelashes Manufacturer

“We’re very clear that continued Israeli settlement activity in theWest Bank undermines peace efforts,” U.S. State Departmentspokesman Mark Toner said. “We do not accept the legitimacy ofcontinued Israeli settlement activity.” Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down threeyears ago, and the Palestinians refuse to restart negotiationsuntil Israel freezes settlement construction in the West Bank andeast Jerusalem. Settlers, meanwhile, vowed to resist the impending evacuation,though they stopped short of threatening violence. Ulpana resident Reut Lehrer told Army Radio on Thursday that “therewas a lot of anger” there at the government following theparliament vote. Natural False Eyelashes Manufacturer

“People feel we have been abandoned,” she said. Ulpana settlers met after the parliament vote to discuss how torespond, but no decisions have been taken, she said. But Army Radiosaid fliers distributed at the outpost called for a “vigorousfight” and urged settlers and their supporters to turn out in largenumbers to resist the “injustice.” Settler leaders have promised to resist the evacuation order,though they say their opposition will be peaceful. On Wednesdayevening, shortly after the parliament vote, police used stun gunsto disperse a group of about 40 settlers who were throwing rocks atPalestinian cars, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

The violence raised fears of further attacks on Palestinians andtheir property, a tactic known as “price tag” that extremist Jewsuse to vent their anger at government action against settlers. Government officials, meanwhile, were working on Netanyahu’sunprecedented promise to physically uproot settler houses and movethem intact to a site about half a mile away. The project wouldbegin after the 150 Ulpana settlers are moved into state-fundedmobile homes, pending the relocation of their homes. Israel David, vice chairman of the Israeli Association ofConstruction and infrastructure Engineers, estimates the projectwould cost anywhere from $13 million to $25 million — and inthe end fail. “I don’t think it’s feasible, because of the topography and thetype of construction,’ he said of the buildings, which each housesix apartments and are located on hilly ground.

He said it waspossible the structures would crumble while being transferred— just the scenario Netanyahu so hopes to avoid. Asked why he thought the government would undertake a project heprofessionally views as so quixotic, David replied: “It’s a goodspin. No one did their homework on this.”.