County brings into balance with state help – Truck Loader Crane Manufacturer – Knuckle Boom Truck Crane

Weights and Measurements Inspector Tom Lonsway with the SenecaCounty Auditor’s Office has coordinated this week with the OhioDepartment of Agriculture to test truck scales for accuracy. “If they don’t meet accuracy, all we can do is let them know sothey can make adjustments.” Lonsway and ODA official Mark Sickmiller paired up for theinspections. “We did 10 inspections over two days,” Lonsway said. They inspected Sunrise Co-op and Crop Production Services inAttica, Miller Seed Farms in Republic and Sunrise Co-op in GreenSprings Tuesday.

New Riegel Elevator, Clouse Service Center in New Riegel, AdrianGrain in Adrian, Crop Production Services in Carey and M & BAsphalt were inspected Monday. “We are checking scales used for farm chemicals, elevators andsmall seed companies,” Lonsway said. “I guess you can see we hadsome catching up to do.” The program was discontinued after 2009, Lonsway said. “This is thefirst year back.” He said the county partners with the state because the countydoesn’t have the equipment.

The equipment being used by ODA Weightsand Measures truck was manufactured by Tiffin Loader Crane Co. “The truck tests the scales by loading a 16,500-pound weight ontothe platform, then a 24,500-pound weight, then a 30,500-poundweight,” Lonsway said. “All three weights are then added togetherto test its accuracy at 60,000 pounds.” The maximum weight for many of these scales is 120,000 pounds. The ODA employs four inspectors to do inspections across four Ohioregions.

Sickmiller works the northeast region1. The ODA is based in Reynoldsburg. Seneca County Auditor Julie Adkins said inspections ensure thoseusing the service are paying for what they receive. Adkins serves as the Sealer of Weights and Measurements for thecounty.

She oversees testing and measuring devices used in the purchase andsale of commodities, according to state law.
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