Facebook’s potential for putting user data to work off networkstirs debate – China Acrylic Jewelry Stands

Facebook’s desire to further put its user data to work for thesocial network makes sense because advertising is a major profitdriver, and the company is looking to impress investors ahead ofits IPO. Facebook’s business model revolves around serving people highlyrelevant ads, so it should come as no surprise that the companysaid recently that at some point it could launch an advertisingnetwork to display ads outside of its platform. Privacy advocates are raising questions again, calling thecompany’s proposed changes an inadequate attempt to quell privacy concerns , but Facebook says it is simply trying to be forthright with itsusers and potential investors. In an explanation of changes document it posted on May 11, Facebook wrote, “We’re also clarifying ourexisting disclosure that we might show ads off Facebook to explainthat, if we showed these ads, they may or may not include socialcontext (such as whether your friends have ‘liked’ a particularbusiness).” “Given how much Facebook knows about its users, the network couldarguably be much more effective than current ad networks which basetheir guesses about you on cookies placed according to the websitesyou’ve visited. Wine Packaging Boxes

Of course, it would likely only work if you stayedlogged into Facebook while surfing the Web, unlike with acookies-based approach,” reports Forbes , which also cited a privacy expert who said other companies likeLinkedIn and Amazon are already doing it. Facebook says it is simply responding to an audit. “[T]he Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office — whichregulates our European affiliate, Facebook Ireland — encouraged usto enhance our Data Use Policy to be even more detailed about howwe use information,” wrote Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Erin Eganin a statement. Source: Facebook Even if the privacy of your data on Facebook and how the socialnetwork uses it doesn’t concern you, the changes it plans to maketo its Data Use Policy are worth checking out. A redlined version even shows line by line what was deleted and added to the document– a highly transparent move for a company so often criticized forinfringing upon user privacy. China Acrylic Jewelry Stands

The changes Facebook is proposing to its policy aren t final andto get user input on them the company will host an interactive video question-and-answer session on Monday. Follow Christina on Twitter and Google+ for even more tech news and commentary and follow Today@PCWorld on Twitter, too. Jewelry Display Stands Manufacturer


Heads of france’s far-left and far-right parties to contest sameseat in parliamentary vote

PARIS – The leaders of France’s far-left and far-right parties will runfor the same seat in parliamentary elections next month, pittingcharismatic former presidential candidates who tapped intodissatisfaction with the country’s mainstream leaders against eachother. The Left Front’s Jean-Luc Melenchon announced Saturday that hewould run for Parliament in the same northern district where MarineLe Pen, leader of the National Front, had already announced hercandidacy. Both politicians electrified crowds during the presidential race,tapping into anger over the poor state of the economy and howFrance’s leaders have responded to it. France’s growth has stagnated and its unemployment rate is at 10percent. The country has a high deficit and debt that economistssay it must get under control, probably by reforming its generoussocial benefit system. Vacuum Packaging Bags

But the poor economy has made such reformsand cuts especially unpopular, and the candidates on the extremesof the political spectrum used that to make significant inroadsduring the presidential election. Le Pen confounded polls and shocked many observers by garnering 18percent of the vote in the first round; Melenchon grabbed 11percent of the vote. Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate,went on to win the second round. Although they may have tapped into the same anger, the candidatesproposed very different solutions. China Plastic Roll Film

Le Pen railed against immigration policies that she said weremaking it hard for French people to find jobs and encroached onFrench identity. Melenchon lashed out at the world of internationalfinance and promised to redistribute wealth to struggling middleand lower class families. “I came because here there is a battle with national significanceand, I dare say, international (significance) because we are beingwatched by everyone,” said Melenchon at a press conference toannounce his campaign in Henin-Beaumont in northern France. “What is the solution to the problem we face? What is the problemfirst of all? Is it immigrants or is it bankers?” Melenchoncontinued. “For us, it’s the bankers. Zipper Plastic Bags Manufacturer

For others, it’s immigrants.Is it immigrants who are closing factories?” Le Pen, who held her own press conference on Saturday, dismissedMelenchon’s candidacy as a stunt. “It’s love!” she joked. “I think he can’t live without me anymore.”.

Interview with greenpeace head kumi naidoo: ‘we are losing theplanet.’ – Sierra Wireless Modem

Politicians and business leaders are fond of talking about the newera of the green economy. But in reality, the exploitation ofnature is on the rise. The Brazilian parliament is seeking toweaken laws protecting the rain forest. At the climate conferencein Durban, South Africa, no agreement could be reached on limitingCO2 emissions. And in developing economies such as China and India,dozens of new coal-fired power plants are in the works. Unlock Huawei Dongle

One government after another is ducking its responsibility when itcomes to the fight against climate change. Meanwhile, environmentalactivists around the globe have proven unable to reverse, or evenslow, the trend. Indeed, the green movement seems to have lostmomentum. Now, the head of Greenpeace has begun pursuing a newstrategy. Kumi Naidoo is shifting his organization’s focus to thedeveloping world. Sierra Wireless Modem

He is linking the fight against global warmingwith the fight against poverty and is increasing Greenpeace’scooperation with large companies. Critics have accused Naidoo of weakening the Greenpeace brand name.SPIEGEL ONLINE caught up with Naidoo at the St. Gallen Symposium in the Swiss city of the same name. In an interview, he defendedGreenpeace against accusations that it has become too soft. China Huawei Wireless Modems

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Naidoo, Greenpeace seems to be powerless in its struggle toprotect the environment. Is the planet already lost? Naidoo: For millions of people, especially in Africa, it is already toolate. They are already feeling the impact of climate change, whichis not to say that through adaptation and mitigation they, and therest of the world, cannot avert the worst consequences or relievethe suffering.

But we need to act now and start doing all we can toprotect the climate. We are definitely not powerless, but we needsupport. Other interests — such as the oil lobby — have access tovastly more financial resources than us, and this is what we’re upagainst. SPIEGEL ONLINE: What was your most recent success? Naidoo: We have many, but a great example of our recent work is convincingNestl.

At liberty, romney to stress ‘commitments of family’ – Komatsu Turbocharger – China Deutz Turbocharger

The Associated Press May 11, 2012 By Kasie Hunt and Philip Elliott KANSAS CITY, Mo. Republican Mitt Romney is trying to shift his campaign’s focus backto the sluggish economic recovery and will use a commencementspeech at an evangelical university in Lynchburg, Va., to caststrong families as central to a strong economy. “Although opportunities seem scarce in this economy, it is notfor nothing that you have spent this time preparing. America needsyour talent and your energy, all the more now that our country’s ina tough spot,” the presumptive Republican presidential nomineewill tell graduates Saturday at Liberty University, theconservative Christian school founded by the late Rev.

JerryFalwell. “In the most practical, everyday terms, the bestcultural assets are values as basic as personal responsibility, thedignity of hard work, and, above all, the commitments offamily.” Romney also will tell the graduates to cherish time with theirfamilies, saying he “never once regretted missing anyexperience or opportunity in business” to be with his wife andfive sons. “Regrets usually come the other way around, frommissing moments with your children that don’t come again,” thewealthy former businessman said. Romney’s campaign released excerpts of his speech a day early.

Hisremarks will be delivered a few days after he reaffirmed hisopposition to same-sex marriage after President Barack Obama’shistoric embrace of gay marriage. The former Massachusetts governoralso spent Thursday shrugging off a news report that he had bullieda gay classmate in prep school. Today, Romney will try to shift the discussion back to jobs and theeconomy during an appearance in North Carolina, where voters thisweek approved a constitutional ban on same-sex unions. While raising money Thursday in Kansas City, Mo., Romney all butignored the discussion of gays and lesbians prompted by Obama’sendorsement of gay marriage. Komatsu Turbocharger

The renewed attention on gay rightscame as Obama thrust the issue into the forefront by becoming thefirst president to support allowing gay couples to wed, shiftingthe campaign debate to social issues, where Romney faces skepticismamong the Republican base. “This is a time when we can follow this president down a roadof decline and weakness or we can take a course that is based on apositive dynamic and a bold vision for this country,” he said. During a fundraiser and public appearance earlier Thursday inOmaha, Neb., Romney hammered his vision for economic greatness,telling supporters “this could be the beginning of anextraordinary century for America.” Obama’s unexpected embrace of gay marriage continued to overwhelmthe presidential campaign as liberals and conservatives debated thepolitical merits of his endorsement of an issue over which apresident has little practical impact. For Romney, the discussion of gay rights turned personal when TheWashington Post published a story recounting how he and severalschoolmates held down classmate John Lauber and cut off hisbleached blond hair after seeking him out in his dorm room at theirboarding school in the wealthy Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills,Mich. Komatsu Turbocharger

The Post said Lauber was “perpetually teased for hisnonconformity and presumed homosexuality” and that he screamedfor help as Romney held him down and forcibly hacked off his hair.The paper recounted another incident in which Romney shouted”atta girl” to a different student at the all-boys’school who, years later, came out as gay. At no point on Thursday did Romney volunteer comments about thereport or about Obama’s views on gay rights. But he did apologizefor what he characterized as tomfoolery when asked by reporters. “I participated in a lot of hijinks and pranks during highschool and some may have gone too far. China Deutz Turbocharger

And for that Iapologize,” Romney told Fox News during a hastily arrangedradio interview. Romney said he didn’t remember the Lauber incident, but also didn’tdispute that it happened. He stressed that he didn’t know eitherstudent was gay and moved quickly to counter any suggestion he hadtargeted students because they were. “That was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s,so that was not the case,” he said, adding that the studentsinvolved “didn’t come out of the closet until yearslater.” In a second interview Thursday, Romney laid out what he said washis long-held position on gay rights: While opposed to gaymarriage, he said states should be allowed to grant variousdomestic partnership rights to same-sex couples, including theright to adopt children.

“States could have their own decisions with regards to thedomestic partnership rights,” Romney told Fox News in hissecond interview of the day with the network. “But mypreference would be to have a national standard for marriage andthat marriage would be defined as being between a man and awoman.” He said he would go as far as supporting gay couples who want toadopt children. “If two people of the same gender want to livetogether, want to have a loving relationship and even want to adopta child — in my state, individuals of the same sex are ableto adopt children — in my view, that’s something which peoplehave the right to do.” Romney’s advisers signaled they planned to campaign on the issuebut acknowledged they would have to tread carefully. “I thinkit’s important to be respectful in how we talk about ourdifferences, but the fact is that’s a significant difference inNovember,” Ed Gillespie, a senior Romney adviser, saidThursday on MSNBC.

Hunt reported from Washington.

Divorce courts mirror society as more women pay alimony – Spray Park Equipment – China Water Sprayground

NEW YORK – Tables have turned in US divorce courts with more womenpaying their former husbands alimony and child support than everbefore, according to US lawyers. As women climb higher up the career ladder and outpace their exesin salary, when love goes wrong and marriages break up they arebeing compelled to contribute to the livelihood of their formerspouses. And some are not happy about it. More than half, 56 per cent, of divorce lawyers across the UnitedStates have seen an increase in mothers paying child support in thelast three years and 47 per cent have noted a hike in the number ofwomen paying alimony, according to the American Academy ofMatrimonial Lawyers. Aqua Park Equipment

“It shows that women have really moved up financially and that inmany instances they are the major bread winners in a lot offamilies,” said Alton Abramowitz, the president-elect of theacademy. “The glass ceiling has been pierced and more and more women havetaken over the financial responsibilities and have been saddledwith them as well. It is a fact of the way our society has evolvedover the last number of years.” Abramowitz, who has been practicing law for 39 years, described thefindings of the survey and the changed role of women in theworkforce as a sea change. In his graduating law school class of 135, there were just sixwomen. Data from the Digest of Education Statistics show that the numberof men and women receiving medical degrees in the US is almostequal, unlike 1980 when only about a third of medical degrees wereawarded to women. Spray Park Equipment

The number of women getting law degrees has nearly doubled. “You are seeing the results of that, the impact, now in terms ofthe professions,” Abramowitz said. Although women have made strides professionally, the divorce ratein the United States has remained fairly constant. About half of marriages in the United States end in divorce. China Water Sprayground

The rate has hovered between 46 and 53 per cent for decades, headded. Just as many men grumbled about paying alimony to their formerwives, women are not pleased with the turnaround. “We see women who are every bit as angry as their malecounterparts, maybe more so, when they are confronted with theconcept of paying spousal support to a man,” said Abramowitz. The gender switch in alimony payments is just one of many changeshe has seen during his four decades as a lawyer.

“When I started practicing in 1973 there was no equitabledistribution of property,” he said. The 1,600 members of the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers handleseparations, prenuptial agreements, custody battles, propertyevaluation and division, the rights of unmarried couples, as wellas divorce and child support.

College goers go gaga over cosmetic surgery – China RF Skin Machine – Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine Manufacturer

Fresh out of school and ahead of their first day in college,countless teenagers are queuing up at beauty clinics to undergo arange of non-surgical cosmetic procedures like nose correction,acne treatment and laser hair reduction that could help them castthe right first impression on the campus. “For youngsters, the first impression is the most important. Aperfect look helps them in boosting their confidence. After school,they feel a sense of freedom which is a driving factor for them totry different things,” Swati Srivastava of beauty and wellnesschain VLCC, Mumbai, said The number of youngsters opting for non-surgical procedures haswitnessed a tremendous increase of 300 percent, notes Navin Taneja,director, National Skin Centre. “The number of teenagers who go for aesthetic procedure is on therise.

More and more teenagers are subjecting themselves tonon-surgical aesthetic procedures in order to belong and look moreacceptable to their friends and the people around them,” Tanejasaid. “In our centre, the number of young clients opting for non-surgicalaesthetic processes has increased up to 300 percent. Four to five years back, we used to generally getaround 15 young clients per month opting for acne and acne scartreatment, removal of moles, pigmentation, blemishes proceduresbefore going to college. But nowadays it has increased up to 60,”he added.

But why cosmetic treatments? “Cosmetic treatments come with a glamour factor attached to them.People today are aware that such treatments are being done and theymake an individual look really good,” said Srivastava. Some procedures that the youngsters are readily opting for includechemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, botox, fillers, bodysculpting, nose job, photo facials, laser hair reductions and lipaugumentation. “Most youngsters come for facial rejuvenation. However, whole bodytreatments like body toning and hair reduction procedures are alsogaining popularity among the youth,” said Indu Tolani, Delhi-basedskin expert.

For instance, 18-year-old Ankit Khanna has undergone rhinoplasty toget a pert nose, in time before he joins the University of Delhi topursue his graduation. “I was always very conscious about the shape of my nose, and whenyou enter college life, you come face to face with many aspects ofcollege life; you see so many good-looking guys around… so youalso feel the need to be perfect. So I got the rhinoplasty done,and I am very happy with the results,” he said.

All such procedures consume around 30 minutes to one hour,depending upon various factors, especially one’s skin type. And theeffectiveness? “The effectiveness of the treatment matters on the condition of theskin. The effectiveness of all these treatments last from 18 monthsto life long,” said Manoj Khanna, cosmetic and plastic surgeon,Enhance Aesthetics and Cosmetic Studio, Kolkata. The cost ranges from as low as Rs.1, 000 to Rs.50,000 forcomplicated procedures. But something like a hair reduction lasertreatment, which can be a boon to college girls splurging on waxingalmost every fortnight, the cost can go into lakhs of rupees,depending on the area being treated.

But nobody seems to mind the rates. “These treatments are here tostay for long. These treatments do not have any major side-effect;one needs to be cautious about the doctor from whom they get thetreatment done. It is also recommended to stay away from sun in theinitial days,” said Srivastava. (Agencies) Tags: College goers , College freshers , Cosmetic surgery , Teens over cosmetic surgery.
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U.s. retail game sales suffer in april as release lineup remainssparse – Outdoor Kiosks Manufacturer

Video game sales at U.S. retail suffered a significant drop inApril, adding to the industry’s continuing declines at retail over the last several months. Software proved to be the biggest negative contributor to anoverall industry-wide decline to $630.4 million. The $307.2 millionin software sales for the month represents a 42 percent declinefrom April 2011, according to data from the NPD Group. These software numbers were well below PiperJaffray’s estimates of $375 million , and the NPD Group’s own Anita Frazier attributed this sharp dropto the lack of new releases for the month.

“I think what the new physical retail content sales reflect a verylight release schedule in terms of the amount of compelling newgames. Last April, the top seven titles outsold the top-sellingtitle this year, and, simply stated, there were notably fewer newmarket introductions,” Frazier said. One of the months few big releases, Activision’s multiplatform Prototype 2 led the software charts the month, followed by Microsoft’s Xbox360-exclusive Kinect Star Wars at number two. When looking at products by individual SKU, Kinect Star Wars was the number one title across any individual platform.

” Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS ranked among the top 10 SKUs for the month, and wouldhave made the list if we were reporting on SKU rather than totaltitle level,” Frazier added. The top ten best-selling games at retail for the month were asfollows: 1. Prototype 2 (Xbox 360, PS3) 2. Kinect Star Wars (Xbox 360) 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) 4. Black Metal Keyboard

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (Xbox 360 PS3) 5. NBA 2K12 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, PC, PS2) 6. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition (Xbox 360,PC) 7. Mario Party 9 (Wii) 8. Outdoor Kiosks Manufacturer

Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) 9. Just Dance 3 (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3) 10. MLB 12: The Show (PS3, Vita) Despite the steep decline for video game software, Frazier notedthat digital sales may have fared a bit better, as virtual currencyand pre-paid time cards saw a distinct rise in sales year overyear. “For some insight into digital purchasing of content, we can lookat the performance of points and subscription cards which was up 75percent in units over last April,” Frazier said. Black Metal Keyboard Manufacturer

Much like retail software, however, video game hardware also saw adip during the month, falling 32 percent to $189.7 million yearover year. The top selling console for the month was Microsoft’s Xbox 360,which Microsoft says sold 236,000 units. Of the three current homeconsoles, the Xbox 360 has been the number one seller for 16consecutive months. Shedding some extra light on the declining hardware sales, Frazierexplained that the average price of hardware increased from April2011, particularly since Microsoft debuted its $399 Kinect Star Wars console bundle. The NPD group also remains optimistic about ongoing sales forNintendo’s 3DS hardware: “One thing to keep in mind is that the 3DShas outsold the DS by about one million units in their respectivefirst 14 months in the market, and the DS went on to become thebest-selling gaming hardware system ever,” Frazier said.

Looking ahead to next month, analyst firm PipperJaffray estimates that video game retail sales should begin to pick up, as May willsee the launch of major titles like Blizzard’s Diablo III and Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 . Related news: NPD: 40% of freemium players pay for in-game upgrades Call of Duty sales slow down as casual buyers find entertainment elsewhere Mass Effect 3 breaks 1.3M units sold, Binary Domain sells mere 20K.