‘hawaii five-0’ star bounces back after injury and addiction topainkillers – Clean Room Wipers Manufacturer

LOS ANGELES – “I’m doing great now,” said Alex O’Loughlin in aninterview in LA last Wednesday. He spoke for the first time abouthis break from his TV show, “Hawaii Five-0,” after checking intorehab last March. The actor, looking fit, tan and sporting a full beard, underwentsupervised treatment for prescription pain medication due toinjuries he sustained while doing the hit CBS series. “I got hurt pretty bad on the show and I ended up takingpainkillers to get to work,” said the actor who plays SteveMcGarrett in the successful reboot of the show that originallystarred Jack Lord. “I had trouble getting off them. Cleanroom Paper

That’s ascomplicated as it gets.” Alex added that he “gets knocked around a lot on the show. I do alot of my own stunts and I have done so from the beginning. I amnot 20-something anymore as you can see from the dusting of grey onthe sides of my head.” The Australian actor admitted: “It was really difficult for me tobe away. The hardest part was like when something is so enormous inyour life-I’m at work 14 hours every day-and then all of a sudden,you’re not at work. Clean Room Wipers Manufacturer

I got a lot of letters and messages from peoplesaying, ‘Where are you?’ or ‘It’s so weird not to see you in theshow.'” Like nothing happened Being away from the set has made Alex realize a few things.”Probably the biggest thing is how responsible for the show Iactually feel,” he said. “I don’t know if that’s my job to feelthat way or whatever.” He gushed: “Personally, I’m fantastic. It’s like nothing happened.I am still doing physical therapy three times a week. I’m back anddoing lots of jiu jitsu. I’m surfing, running, doing all thatstuff. Rubber ESD Mat

I just have to say no to some of the stunts that I lovedoing so much. I enjoy doing that stuff but I’ve learned to let thestuntmen do those.” Blessed with Aussie humor, Alex’s face lit up when asked about hisfans. “I’ve got really fantastic fans from all over the world,” hesaid. “One of the errors of my career was doing a vampire show(‘Moonlight’).

The fans that I got from that show are verycommitted. They will never ever see me as anything other than MickSt. John.” Asked about the strange gifts he gets in his fan mail, Alex smiledas he revealed, “I receive underwear-some clean, some not. No joke.My assistant who helps me with my fan mail constantly threatens toquit because of what we get sent… More from theEuropeans… avant-garde type Germans, French, Dutch…Isee the Amsterdam postmark and I’m like… you know. I get thebras… “.


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