Claycordians petition to save concord high school farmers’ market – Breakdown Truck Manufacturer

Hundreds of Claycordians are petitioning to save the sundaymorning/afternoon farmers market at Concord High School after itwas abruptly shut down by the City of Concord for failing toreceive the proper approval. The Farmers Market did get approval from the Mount Diablo UnifiedSchool District to use the front parking lot at Concord HighSchool. They also certified the market with the CaliforniaDepartment of Agriculture, and pulled permits from the CountyHealth Department (Contra Costa Environmental Health) and theCounty Fire Department, both of whom conducted detailed inspectionslast Sunday, which they passed. The market was unaware that theyalso needed approval from the city since the market was happeningon private school property. Boom Truck Crane

Concord City staff says because Concord High School is in aresidential zoning district, a weekly farmers market is notallowed to be held at that location. A petition, started by Concord City Council candidate Edi Birsan,was circulated and signed at the farmers market on Sunday, andreceived over 400 signatures to help save the farmers market atConcord High School. Birsan has also started an online petition drive, which he plans topresent to the Concord City Council during their meeting on Tuesdaynight. The following letter was sent out by Concord City Council CandidateEdi Birsan: The Sunday Farmer s Market at Concord High needs our support. Breakdown Truck Manufacturer

Theyhave run afoul of some web of State and Municipal Code issues. We are asking the Concord City Council to issue an Emergency PermitWaiver to allow it to operate through the summer while bureaucraticissues are resolved amicably. Show your support by doing any of the following: Come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday at 6:30PM (1950Parkside between Salvio and Willow Pass in Concord). *Bring asupport sign if you want, but please leave the Vegetables and Fruitat home. Sign the petition online by clicking HERE. Boom Truck Crane

Print out the petition attached, have your friends and neighborssign it . Bring it with you to the City Council and give it Edi Birsan forcompilation with other efforts OR email me to come pick it up at your place on Monday night. Email direct to the City Council at telling them you support the Farmers Market. photo credit: Edi Birsan.


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