Finally! an office cloud service for ipad worth using – China ATSC Digital Receiver

For some reason, 2012 is shaping up to be the year of cloud-basedWindows 7 and Microsoft Office offerings, including scarily badservices such as OnLive Desktop , which was a media darling in January based on nothing more thandemos. The real product is all but unusable — you lose your connection when you switch to other apps , for example, and you can’t use the iPad’s native keyboard. Plus,the company violated Microsoft’s Windows 7 licensing terms , offering an essentially illegal desktop-as-a-service product.(That issue has since been resolved.) CloudOn is different. It’s a cloud service you should seriouslyconsider if you work with Microsoft Office on your iPad and needmore capabilities than the native iWork or Quickoffice apps provide. The 2.0 version released this week is truly compelling. ISDB-T Receiver

[ See InfoWorld’s picks for the best iPad office productivity apps . | Updated for iOS 5, Android 4, BlackBerry OS 7, and WindowsPhone 7.5: Learn how to manage mobile devices in InfoWorld’s20-page Mobile Management Deep Dive PDF special report. ] CloudOn does several things right. First, it uses your Dropbox orBox cloud storage to save and access the files you are working on,and you can use both services, such as to separate personal andwork projects. China ATSC Digital Receiver

That means no messy file transfers before you go orwhen on the road, as OnLive requires. Your files are accessiblefrom a variety of devices, including your iPad for access by otherapps. If you use Box’s enterprise service offering, you can eventake on files in a workgroup setting and under IT managementpolicies. Second, CloudOn uses native iOS capabilities where it makes sense.For example, when working with text, you get the iPad’s ownonscreen keyboard or you can use a Bluetooth keyboard, if you haveone — not the funky, too-small Windows 7 floating keyboard.CloudOn even adds to the standard oscreen ipad keyboardWindows-specific keys: the Ctrl, Alt, Del, and Esc keys, the F1 through F12 function keys,and the four cursor keys. China DVB-T Digital Receiver

You also get file sharing via email using the standard iOS Sharefacility.


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