Hgst announces 12gbps sas ssds for use in enterprise data centers – China STB Receiver

Western Digital company HGST on Tuesday announced what it claimedto be the first 12 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) SAS solid state drivefor use in enterprise storage servers, delivering twice thethroughput compared to current 6Gbps SAS technology. The new SSDs with the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interfacetechnology are meant to be used in enterprise server parks, and areequipped with a second interface port. With 12Gbps SAS on each ofthese ports, the drive can transmit and receive data at a rate of12Gbps, resulting in a total available interface bandwidth of 4.8GBper second per drive, HGST said. Though announcing a technology demonstration of the new product,the company did not comment on the likely availability of thedrives. HGST said it is expecting the industry to transition to the use of12Gbps SAS technology by 2013. ISDB-T Receiver

It said in a statement that its 12Gbps SAS drives were interoperable with 12Gbps SAS HBAs(host bus adapters) and expanders from both LSI and PMC-Sierra.Assuring interoperability is critical for the adoption of a newinterface standard, the company added. PMC-Sierra announced the availability of 12Gbps SAS protocolcontrollers at the end of January this year and said it has been working closely with HGST oninteroperability testing. The new high-performance SSDs can deliverup to 100 times more Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) thantraditional hard disk drives (HDDs) creating a demand for thesecontrollers, the company said at the time. Its 12Gbps connectionsdelivers 40 percent more drive connectivity, ensuring a scalabletiered storage for corporate and cloud data centers, it added. LSI demonstrated its 12Gbps SAS expander and Input/Output (I/O)controller last November. China STB Receiver

The company said at the time that with the adoption of SSDs onthe rise within the enterprise, 12Gbps SAS connectivity will beessential to unleash the full performance potential ofnext-generation server platforms. HGST said on Tuesday that its new SSDs are backwards compatiblewith 6Gbps SAS so investments in current SAS infrastructures areprotected. The company will demonstrate its 12Gbps SAS technologyat the SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase on May 9. Western Digital completed in March the acquisition of the harddrive business of Hitachi, and set up two subsidiaries, WDTechnologies and HGST, with separate brands and products, to meetthe conditions of antitrust regulators. China DVB-T Digital Receiver


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