Weekly wrap: mac tips and tricks, cool new accessories, and plentymore – Car Key Shell Manufacturer

Tips, tricks, and advice If the power of your mind isn t cutting it, we can offer you someadvice on restarting a Mac remotely . You may be able to free up some significant space on your harddrive by removing Dropbox s cache . You can use your iPad to connect to FTP servers . You can switch your iWebsite to another, Mac-friendly host. You can even transition away from iWeb entirely just like Apple! Mac apps We uncovered secrets of the Archive Utility , which may also be the name of the next Indiana Jones sequel. Volvo Vcads

Wealso looked at or, more accurately, listened to Seamless, which transitions music between your Mac and iOS device without a hitch. Amazon Cloud Drive lets you backup files to Amazon s cloud storage without a Webbrowser unless you want to download those files again. Keyboard aficionados won t want to miss Dan Frakes s video guide to getting more productive with LaunchBar . And folks who need to compare iTunes libraries might want tocheck out Mashduo. Car Key Shell Manufacturer

Or they might prefer to come up with something more fun to do onthe weekend. iPad and iPhone The Macworld Lab compared the original iPad 2 with the new, cheaper one . We looked at a trio of Music app alternatives . Apple updated GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, and Cards for iOS. And Spotify launched an iPad app , so if you ve been looking to broaden your ability to rock outwith your tablet, you re in luck. Auto Keys With Chips

Bargain shoppers have a new iPadapp to check out too, thanks to the launch of Decide . Folks who like to go green will go green with envy when they seethe Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad . Other iOS apps we looked at included Gifture , MotionX Sleep , Monster Wars , and TraxItAll . Elsewhere on Macworld We reviewed the new Big Jambox , and we podcasted with the iTunes Guy.

Oh, and we tested a pair of hard drives: one s water- and fire-proof , and the other one isn t . Because we re professionals, we didn t set either on fire. Yet. Hive mind Over at the TechHive Beta Blog , we ve covered topics like Multi-Dimensional Audio , a primer on which music subscription service you should use , and how Apple could fix Cards .


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