New zealand. even more prizes to be won at hutchwilco new zealandboat show – Plastic Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturer

The chances to win at the 2012 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Showjust keep getting better! As well as the superb $70,000-plus Extreme/Yamaha Gate PrizePackage, the $3000 Viking Profish “ultimate fishingkayak” package (for those who buy their tickets on linebefore May 9) and the Island Escape Cruise for two in the Bay ofislands (worth $6000!), check these out: Win TWO $2000 Viking Kayaks every day! How”s this as a great gift for the family? Each day, VikingKayaks are giving away two $2000 Viking 2+1 kayaks from theirstand, stand 582, in Hall 5! These Viking 2+1 are incredibly versatile double-seat familykayaks. They are quick and easy to paddle with one or two on board,and a clever mid seat means you can add a child, too. Each Viking 2+1 kayak prize also comes complete with two deluxeseats, Propelz eco paddles, Rail Blaza adjustable rod holders,paddle leashes and rod leashes, a safety flag and two adult and onechild Hutchwilco multi-fit kayak lifejackets. So head to the Viking Kayak stand and fill in that entry form! And win a $5000 tool set! Sick of using old, banged-up tools? Never know where that specialtool is when you really need it? Well check this out – theultimate tool set for any keen DIY-er and the ultimate accessoryfor the man cave! Autostop are giving away this comprehensive SPTools SP50105 toolset from their stand (stand 249) in Hall 2. It consists of a toolbox, roll cabinet and a 296-piece set of high quality SPTools! To be in the draw, just go to the Autostop stand, answer 4 simplequestions and complete the entry form. Flat Oval Tube

Wicked wakeboarding action This is seriously cool! New Zealand’s best wakeboarders showcasingtheir skills and precision in the Monster Energy Jetpilot wakeboardpools. Be seriously amazed as these superb athletes jump, flip and spintheir way through the air between these two extremely shallow,20-metre concrete-bottomed pools. As well as several performances every day, there will also be aspecial treat on Friday evening: the top wakeboarders will competein the new Monster Energy Jetpilot King of the Show competition. These specially-selected top wakeboarders will compete in a fiercehead to head contest, with one eliminated in each round. Plastic Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturer

The last rider standing will rightly be crowned the King of theShow and take home a very well-earned cash prize. Last Updated ( Saturday, 28 April 2012 ). China Pharmaceutical Flexible Packaging


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