San francisco – skin tightening for face, body goes high tech – China IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

“The classic signs of the aging face are wrinkling and saggingof the skin, loose eyelid skin and lowering of the eyebrows”says Dr. Sheena Kong. “That’s why we recently introducedThermage CPT, an FDA approved non-surgical procedure using radiofrequency that can improve skin tone and appearance on many areasof the body.” The Thermage CPT face treatment can reduce forehead wrinkles andrestore better contours of the cheeks, jawline and neck. When it iscombined with Thermage eye treatment, the overall result is anoticeable but natural-looking rejuvenation.

“Thermage CPT is the latest version of the Thermage procedure.”CPT stands for ‘Comfort Pulse Technology’. Older generationsof the device such as ThermaCool caused discomfort requiringpatients to take pain medication during the treatment, but ThermageCPT is a painless procedure,” says Dr. Kong. “Inaddition, the Thermage CPT system has enhanced radio frequencytechnology for better collagen stimulation which yields much moreeffective skin rejuvenation with predictable results.” According to Dr.

Kong, the aging process gradually breaks down theskin’s collagen, but Thermage CPT treatment stimulates existingcollagen while it promotes new collagen growth. “Since agingis inevitable, treatments may also be done as a preventativemeasure to protect someone who is in their 30s or 40s from aging ofthe skin,” says Dr. Kong. “I believe that Thermage CPT isa great procedure for anybody who is between the age of 30 to their70’s.” Dr.

Kong says that Thermage eye treatment is even more effectivewhen combined with the Thermage CPT face treatment, whicheliminates forehead wrinkles by tightening skin and lifting theeyebrows. “This is interesting because one may get rid ofwrinkles on his/her forehead by having Botox injections, but manypeople don’t realize that Botox actually relaxes the foreheadmuscle, which causes a flattened forehead and lowers theeyebrows,” says Dr. Kong. “Botox treatments doneincorrectly can be very unnatural looking,” she says. “Patients who have had Thermage for the eyes say that theireyelid sagging is improved and both the upper and lower eyelids aretighter.

Their eyes appear more open, and many women say that theirskin is also smoother after the treatment, which makes it easierfor them to apply eye make-up,” says Dr. Kong. Dr. Kong says she often combines Thermage CPT with Fraxel laserresurfacing resurfacing, Clear + Brilliant laser skin treatment,IPL, or Botox and Juvederm injections to enhance the rejuvenationeffect as needed. “Thermage CPT is also very effective for skin tightening onthe abdomen, thighs, arms and other areas of the body,” saysDr.

Kong. “There is no down time required after a treatmentand patients can get right back to their normal activities.” For more information visitorcall 415-483-9736. About Dr. Sheena Kong: Dr. Sheena Kong is a board certified Internal Medicine physicianwith extensive clinical experience in treating a wide variety ofacute and chronic medical conditions and diseases.

Dr. Konggraduated from Smith College magna cum laude. She attended HarvardUniversity where she graduated with a Master’s degree in MedicalSciences. Dr.

Kong graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from WashingtonUniversity School of Medicine in St. Louis. She completed herresidency at California Pacific Medical Center. Dr.

Kong is alsofluent in Mandarin, as she was born in Shanghai, China. Dr Kong is specialized in many cosmetic procedures. She offersThermage CPT, Fraxel laser resurfacing, Smartlipo laserliposuction, laser facial, Clear + Brilliant, laser hair removal,laser vein removal, IPL, Botox and Juvederm injections in heroffice. She has been recognized with a Blue Diamond award for hercommitment to laser cosmetic treatments.
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