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Fresh out of school and ahead of their first day in college,countless teenagers are queuing up at beauty clinics to undergo arange of non-surgical cosmetic procedures like nose correction,acne treatment and laser hair reduction that could help them castthe right first impression on the campus. “For youngsters, the first impression is the most important. Aperfect look helps them in boosting their confidence. After school,they feel a sense of freedom which is a driving factor for them totry different things,” Swati Srivastava of beauty and wellnesschain VLCC, Mumbai, said The number of youngsters opting for non-surgical procedures haswitnessed a tremendous increase of 300 percent, notes Navin Taneja,director, National Skin Centre. “The number of teenagers who go for aesthetic procedure is on therise.

More and more teenagers are subjecting themselves tonon-surgical aesthetic procedures in order to belong and look moreacceptable to their friends and the people around them,” Tanejasaid. “In our centre, the number of young clients opting for non-surgicalaesthetic processes has increased up to 300 percent. Four to five years back, we used to generally getaround 15 young clients per month opting for acne and acne scartreatment, removal of moles, pigmentation, blemishes proceduresbefore going to college. But nowadays it has increased up to 60,”he added.

But why cosmetic treatments? “Cosmetic treatments come with a glamour factor attached to them.People today are aware that such treatments are being done and theymake an individual look really good,” said Srivastava. Some procedures that the youngsters are readily opting for includechemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, botox, fillers, bodysculpting, nose job, photo facials, laser hair reductions and lipaugumentation. “Most youngsters come for facial rejuvenation. However, whole bodytreatments like body toning and hair reduction procedures are alsogaining popularity among the youth,” said Indu Tolani, Delhi-basedskin expert.

For instance, 18-year-old Ankit Khanna has undergone rhinoplasty toget a pert nose, in time before he joins the University of Delhi topursue his graduation. “I was always very conscious about the shape of my nose, and whenyou enter college life, you come face to face with many aspects ofcollege life; you see so many good-looking guys around… so youalso feel the need to be perfect. So I got the rhinoplasty done,and I am very happy with the results,” he said.

All such procedures consume around 30 minutes to one hour,depending upon various factors, especially one’s skin type. And theeffectiveness? “The effectiveness of the treatment matters on the condition of theskin. The effectiveness of all these treatments last from 18 monthsto life long,” said Manoj Khanna, cosmetic and plastic surgeon,Enhance Aesthetics and Cosmetic Studio, Kolkata. The cost ranges from as low as Rs.1, 000 to Rs.50,000 forcomplicated procedures. But something like a hair reduction lasertreatment, which can be a boon to college girls splurging on waxingalmost every fortnight, the cost can go into lakhs of rupees,depending on the area being treated.

But nobody seems to mind the rates. “These treatments are here tostay for long. These treatments do not have any major side-effect;one needs to be cautious about the doctor from whom they get thetreatment done. It is also recommended to stay away from sun in theinitial days,” said Srivastava. (Agencies) Tags: College goers , College freshers , Cosmetic surgery , Teens over cosmetic surgery.
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