Facebook’s potential for putting user data to work off networkstirs debate – China Acrylic Jewelry Stands

Facebook’s desire to further put its user data to work for thesocial network makes sense because advertising is a major profitdriver, and the company is looking to impress investors ahead ofits IPO. Facebook’s business model revolves around serving people highlyrelevant ads, so it should come as no surprise that the companysaid recently that at some point it could launch an advertisingnetwork to display ads outside of its platform. Privacy advocates are raising questions again, calling thecompany’s proposed changes an inadequate attempt to quell privacy concerns , but Facebook says it is simply trying to be forthright with itsusers and potential investors. In an explanation of changes document it posted on May 11, Facebook wrote, “We’re also clarifying ourexisting disclosure that we might show ads off Facebook to explainthat, if we showed these ads, they may or may not include socialcontext (such as whether your friends have ‘liked’ a particularbusiness).” “Given how much Facebook knows about its users, the network couldarguably be much more effective than current ad networks which basetheir guesses about you on cookies placed according to the websitesyou’ve visited. Wine Packaging Boxes

Of course, it would likely only work if you stayedlogged into Facebook while surfing the Web, unlike with acookies-based approach,” reports Forbes , which also cited a privacy expert who said other companies likeLinkedIn and Amazon are already doing it. Facebook says it is simply responding to an audit. “[T]he Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office — whichregulates our European affiliate, Facebook Ireland — encouraged usto enhance our Data Use Policy to be even more detailed about howwe use information,” wrote Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Erin Eganin a statement. Source: Facebook Even if the privacy of your data on Facebook and how the socialnetwork uses it doesn’t concern you, the changes it plans to maketo its Data Use Policy are worth checking out. A redlined version even shows line by line what was deleted and added to the document– a highly transparent move for a company so often criticized forinfringing upon user privacy. China Acrylic Jewelry Stands

The changes Facebook is proposing to its policy aren t final andto get user input on them the company will host an interactive video question-and-answer session on Monday. Follow Christina on Twitter and Google+ for even more tech news and commentary and follow Today@PCWorld on Twitter, too. Jewelry Display Stands Manufacturer


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