Eating dark chocolate may help decrease risk of heart attacks,strokes: researchers

SYDNEY — Australian researchers have found that eating a block ofdark chocolate daily over 10 years has significant benefits forhigh-risk cardiac patients and could prevent heart attacks andstrokes. A study of 2,013 Australians conducted at Melbourne’s MonashUniversity found that the consumption of 100 grams (3.5 ounces) ofchocolate with a 70 percent or higher cocoa content every day wasan effective measure to reduce risk. Lead researcher Ella Zomer said the team found 70 fatal and 15non-fatal cardiovascular events per 10,000 people could beprevented over 10 years if patients at risk of having a heartattack or stroke ate dark chocolate. We’ve predicted significant health benefits of eating 100 gramsof dark chocolate every day over a 10-year period, Zomer said ofthe study, published in the British Medical Journal. Semi Trailers Parts

Our findings indicate dark chocolate therapy could provide analternative to or be used to complement drug therapeutics in peopleat high risk of cardiovascular disease. Zomer’s research partner Chris Reid said measurements from thesubjects, all of whom had classic risk factors such as high bloodpressure and elevated cholesterol or body weight, were run throughepidemiological modeling. The projections of likely deaths and other non-fatal events betweenthose who consumed dark chocolate and those who did not werecompared and there was a notable difference. One of the appeals of this study is here is a dietary alternativewhich may be quite appealing to a lot of people. Trailer U Bolts

In fact, chocolatestudies have shown really good compliance rates, Reid told AFP. High-cocoa chocolate is beneficial because it contains antioxidantchemicals called polyphenols, which help keep blood vesselsdilated, thereby reducing blood pressure and improving blood flow. Green tea and brightly colored fruits such as red apples andblueberries are also major sources of polyphenols. Reid said it was important to find ways to reduce heart disease asAustralia’s population aged and the increasing numbers of at-riskpeople could use lifestyle, dietary and exercise changes to headoff the need for drugs. Semi Trailer Fifth Wheel

Experts have cautioned that excessive consumption of dark chocolateleads to obesity, itself a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. But, said Reid: We’re not suggesting that the high-risk group usedark chocolate as their only preventative measure, but incombination with sensible choices, such as exercise. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwideaccording to the World Health Organisation, accounting for 30percent of all global deaths.


New liverpool manager will have to gain anfield respect – Natural False Eyelashes Manufacturer

LIVERPOOL, England — New Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgersconceded he’ll have to earn respect at Anfield on being pluckedfrom relative obscurity on Friday after his successful spell atfellow English Premier League team Swansea. In arguably the most low-key managerial appointment made by thefallen English giants in a generation, the 39-year-old Rodgers waspreferred to Wigan manager Roberto Martinez despite having only oneseason’s experience in England’s top division. That year, however, proved to be a highly successful one, withSwansea finishing 11th in its first season in the Premier Leagueand earning plenty of admirers because of the Welsh team’sattractive, possession-based style of play. Liverpool chairman Tom Werner said Rodgers was a forward-thinkingcoach at the forefront of a generation of young managers and willbring to Liverpool attacking, relentless football. The Northern Irishman had a limited player career at home beforeembarking on a coaching career, becoming manager of the Readingacademy at just 22.

I was never the big player … I had to go down a different routewhich was on the coaching field and earning my respect that way, Rodgers said. Hopefully over time I’ll earn … respect (at Liverpool), headded. Rodgers will be charged with improving Liverpool’s fortunes in theleague after a disappointing eighth-place finish that was sealed bya 1-0 loss to Swansea on the final day of the season.

It was the 18-time English champions’ lowest league placing in 18years and saw them finish 17 points off a Champions Leaguequalification spot, the minimum goal of the club’s American owners. That led to the firing of club great Kenny Dalglish, who won theLeague Cup to end a six-year trophy drought at Anfield. Fenway Sports Group targeted the hiring of a young manager toreplace Dalglish and also held talks with Martinez. But it decidedon Rodgers, who was once a youth-team manager at Chelsea under JoseMourinho and has also managed second-tier clubs Watford andReading. My pathway as a young coach has been different to mostmanagers, Rodgers said. Handmade False Eyelashes

I have actually been coaching andworking in football for 20 years. At Chelsea I had experience ofworking with big players. I look at Kenny Dalglish, he was themanager (of Liverpool in 1985) at 34 and resigned at 39. I arrivehere at 39. Rodgers said his footballing philosophy has been a fusion betweenthe British and the European. Natural False Eyelashes Manufacturer

The single biggest influence would be Jose Mourinho, purelybecause he gave me the opportunity, he said. I learned manythings from Jose. He is a great man and the biggest thing he didfor me is give me an opportunity and show belief in me, and give methat chance to work with top players. Qualifying Liverpool for the Champions League will be Rodgers’first task, with the ultimate aim being a 19th English title tomatch the record haul of bitter rival Manchester United. It’s an aim for every manager at a top club, he said. False Strip Eyelashes

That’sthe holy grail, but also, in time, we want to be challenging forthe title. For me, and it’s not going to be straight away becausethat’s not realistic, winning the title is something we want toachieve. It’s not just aiming for fourth place.

Despite the high stakes, french voters yawn at legislativecampaigns – Power Led Driver IC Manufacturer

No one ever expected France s legislative elections to produce thesparks and passion that this year’s presidential contest did.But given the stakes involved for France and Europe in whetherSocialist President Fran ois Hollande will rule with acooperative leftist majority or find himself battling a hostileconservative legislature and government, the yawns surrounding thecurrent parliamentary races are still rather surprising. Indeed, italmost seems as though voters and parties alike view theparliamentary battle as being virtually over well before ballotingbegins. Polls suggest that voters who elected Hollande to the Elys e on May 6 are erring towards consistency asthe battle for control of the Assembl e Nationale looms. Recent surveys indicate that leftist parties will get around 44.5% of the vote inthe first round of balloting on June 10. Outgoingconservatives who ve held legislative power since 2002 areprojected to receive 33.5% of the first-round vote, and Marine LePen s extreme-right National Front (FN) party is expected togarner 15.5%.

That result would leave the left at a distinct advantage duringsecond-round voting on June 17, political analysts say. The reason:multiple triangular run-offs involving mainstream conservative,leftist, and FN candidates. Unlike typical final-round votesinvolving just two qualifiers from opposing ends of the politicalspectrum, “triangulars” usually result from an FNcontender also clearing the 12.5% bar in first-round voting toadvance to the second stage. Once there, balloting on the right isusually split between the FN and conservative candidates, leavingthe leftist contender positioned to sail to victory on the strengthof backing from supporters of all progressive parties. For thatreason, the threat of forcing “triangular” finals hasbeen used by the FN in successive elections to blackmail mainstreamconservatives to cut electoral deals with extreme-rightists or godown in defeat.

( MORE: Hollande’s Justice: France’s Leftist Leaders Seek toCut Public Sector CEO Salaries ) That s precisely why debate had initially been so fierce withinformer President Nicolas Sarkozy s Union for a Popular Majority(UMP) party over whether to break its taboo against dealing withthe xenophobic FN, which it condemns as anti-Republican.”In recent months, some UMP members have argued that the time hadcome to negotiate electoral accords with Le Pen s allies to denythe left victory in triangular races and thereby, just maybe,thwart its anticipated parliamentary majority to boot. But giventhe political controversy and, ultimately, the strategicfailure of Sarkozy s efforts to pander to FN voters in his presidential bid, the vast majority of UMP officials nowemphatically reject any suggestion of ending the conservatives ostracism of the extreme-right even as a last-ditch hope inbeating the left. That’s not the only reason legislative campaigning has yet tostoke the excitement of French voters. With the deeply unpopularSarkozy now removed from the political picture with hispresidential loss, UMP leaders have spent more time battling one another for control of the party than they have their leftist foes inparliamentary races. Programmable IC Chip

Meantime, as the provisional government ofSocialist premier Jean-Marc Ayrault rushes to act onHollande’s pledges to stimulate growth, create jobs and reign in executive pay in the midst of general public approval, some conservativeswonder what chance the right could have to retain its parliamentarymajority. Resignation, rather than revolt, appears to be theprevailing force among voters and politicians on the French right. So is the prevailing (and bored) conventional wisdom that Frenchconservatives are already fini accurate and irreversible? Not necessarily. While most analystssay early voter projections and an abundance of triangular final-round races will make it devilishly difficult forconservatives to keep their hold on legislative power, the left mayyet wind up creating troubles for itself. Though surveys showHollande s Socialists winning a majority of the leftist vote inthe first round, a sizable chunk of leftist support should goto the communist-allied Front of the Left (FG) party. Power Led Driver IC Manufacturer

And despite its position on the left side of thepolitical spectrum, the FG may be more of a challenge than a chumto the Socialists. ( MORE: Who is Francois Hollande? What You Need to Know AboutFrance’s Next Leader ) The FG and its populist leader Jean-Luc M lenchon backed Hollandein the presidential face-off against Sarkozy but only as itdemonstratively held its nose. Both before then and since,M lenchon has ravaged Hollande and his Socialist peers for beingfar too centrist or even conservative in their social andeconomic proposals. Because of that, it s not only possible thatFG candidates may refuse to cut deals with Socialists when the leftfinds itself in unfavorable triangular run-offs of its own,it s also feasible that extreme-left FG voters may simply refuse to back overly moderate Socialists in regular run-off duelswith conservatives on June 17. NPN PNP Transistors Manufacturer

What s the take-away from all this? As this Chicago Tribune story notes , the consensus view among French experts is that Hollande will gethis leftist majority in parliament, and therefore be able to governwith an allied cabinet (probably led by the renewed Ayrault at itshelm). However, individual races and the wider parliamentarycampaign will almost certainly be harder and perhaps contain moresurprises for the left than even many conservatives may figure atthis point. Meanwhile, even in the event of legislative victory, the moderateHollande will find himself dealing with a parliamentary majorityneeding the support of minority environmentalists and hard-leftmembers who will demand concessions in exchange for their backing.That suggests that even if current campaigning isn t generatingmany sparks, there may be plenty of friction within the Assembl eNationale once the left is in legislative control. MORE: French Election: Socialist Hollande Defeats Sarkozy for thePresidency.

Crisis in the euro zone: alexis tsipras is the greek who makeseurope tremble – DVB-T2 Set Top Box Manufacturer

Just weeks ago, Alexis Tsipras, 37, was an obscure oppositionpolitician. Now, he’s unnerving the powers that be in the EuropeanUnion because he and his leftist party Syriza — a group whosemembership ranges from hardline Communists to moderate socialists— have the potential of forming a government after the June 17elections. A teenage member of the Communist Youth of Greece,Tsipras has executed a dramatic and canny political metamorphosis,transforming himself fromthe leader of a radical leftist coalitionto a left-of-center standard bearer for anti-bailout andanti-austerity populism. And in so doing, he has confounded theossified poltiical class of Greece, which acceded to the stricturesimposed by the E.U. in order for Athens to receive the funds itneeds to satisfy its creditors.

Now, Tsipras may hold the future ofthe euro and the E.U. in his hands. All he needs to do is winenough seats to govern. (MORE: See the TIME magazine piece on Tsipras) Tsipras spoke to TIME’s Joanna Kakissis at the Syriza office onKoumoundourou Square in Athens. Following is the transcript of theinterview: TIME: Are you willing to make the necessary structural reforms inGreece to revive the economy? ALEXIS TSIPRAS: It is obvious that Greece — and the Greek economy — hasits own particularities that played a role in making this economiccrisis deeper and longer.

Indeed, we must make structural reformswhich will the public sector more reliable, create an effective andfair taxation system, and fight the black economy which has beenlike a kind of gangrene on the Greek economy. As far as I know, theunderground economy represents 30% of the GDP. At the same time, we will try to restore faith in the law andconvince people that the state is equitable and effective. We willdestroy corruption and the interconnection of political andeconomic power from its roots. DVB-T Digital Receiver

Without the contribution of thecitizens, these reforms cannot take place. But in order tocontribute, the citizens want to know that these reforms will notbe implemented only to those who have low incomes but those whohave high incomes and come from the upper class. There is a Greeksaying: “The fish always stinks from its head,” (which means,roughly, corruption starts at the top). So if we don’t fight theproblem at its roots, then we won’t be able to establish positivemorale that can encourage all Greeks to also fight against it. DVB-T2 Set Top Box Manufacturer

(MORE: Angry Greek Voters Punish Leaders over Austerity at theBallot Box) But you need a long time to make such reforms… Some things need time, but some other can change quickly. Forinstance, I can’t understand why the last two and half years we arechasing our tail when it comes to taxation. We taxed poor peopleagain and again, but no one talked about what we really needed,which is an assets register by which every Greek will be obliged toregister their properties, their bank accounts in Greece or abroad,as well as their mobile assets, such as the shares of a companythey possibly have. Only in this way, we will be able to taxeveryone according to their real capability of paying taxes and wewill create a system which will share the responsibilities in afair way. China DVB-T Set Top Box

Of course, for these policies to be effective, we shouldalso create a high-penalty system for those who break the law.Whoever makes a false statement about his assets should be punishedby having a bit part of these assets confiscated. There is nomagical way out of the crisis. However, there are for suresolutions, tough but fair, in order to share in a just way theresponsibilities, establish a positive morale and give a boost tothe Greek economy. There are some outside Greece who say Greece wants it both ways..

It’s a paradox to think Greece can stay in the euro zone if theausterity policies continue to be implemented. The austeritypolicy, and especially this extreme policy based on the term”internal devaluation”, is exactly what we should have avoided. It’s the wrong prescription, the wrong medicine for the patient,because Greece has a production base with a special characteristic:90% of the small businesses’ production, which are the foundationof the Greek economy, is not exported. It is sold on the domesticmarket. So, when you make a horizontal cut of the wages and thepensions, inevitably there is an impact on the consumption.

Hence,200,000 small Greek businesses have closed down! As a result,unemployment rates soared — nowadays, one out of two youngpeople under 30 years old is unemployed — and the recessionbecame deeper to the point that it’s the fifth consecutive year ofrecession and GDP lost 20 points, which has never happened beforein any European country in a time of peace! Therefore, we realize that these policies were the wrong medicinefor the crisis; they were shocking, ineffective policies, which ledGreek people to face the possibility of a humanitarian crisis. Whenthere is a patient, and you give him medicine, and it only makeshim worse, it is not logical to insist on giving him a higher doseof the same medicine. You’ve got to change the medicine. If wecontinue taking this austerity medicine, and especially at a higherdose, that’s when Greece is going to be forced out of the euro. Andwhen Greece leaves, the whole euro zone will starts wobbling.

Because if one country gets out of the euro, the next day themarkets will hunt for the next one to follow in this aggressive,devaluing speculation of the bonds, which is speculated by the bighedge funds. We think that this would not be good either for Greeceor for Europe. So, the policy that we want to implement —without austerity, but inside euro zone — is the onlyrealistic and — we could argue — the only rational policywhich will benefit everyone. PHOTOS: General Strike Leads to Anti-Austerity Protests in Greece.

Despite u.s. opposition, iran to be transport hub for north-southcorridor – Nonstick Cookware Set Manufacturer

A multi-nation transport corridor that would radically reduce cargotransportation time between India on one side and Central Asia andRussia on the other with Iran being the pivot could see dry runsbeginning next year. A three-day meeting of experts from 16 countries discussed ways tosmoothen the way for the International North South TransportCorridor (INSTC) and at least six supplementary routes despite theU.S. pushing its Silk Road proposal in which its bete noire Iranhas been excluded. In stark contrast, Iran plays a crucial role in the multi-modalNorth-South Corridor as its port Bandar Abbas will be the hub ofall activity. Aluminum Frying Pan

Experts proposed the setting up of two four-nationgroups to resolve many of the ssues. Iran along with Russia andIndia (all three initiators of the project) will be in both groups. The meeting on the INSTC which ended here on Wednesday proposed ajoint venture between Iran, India, Russia and Azerbaijan to findsolutions to aspects such as infrastructure and funding. It alsosuggested a core group on customs — India, Russia, Iran andTurkey — consisting of experts from these countries, based inDelhi to sort out issues. When India pointed to the missing link of 500 km in Iran that couldimpede the project, Tehran gave some good news. Nonstick Cookware Set Manufacturer

It said 372 km ofthe Quazvin-Rasht-Astra was complete and the contractor identified163 km of the Rasht-Astra route. But there were technical problemsin the last leg leading up to Azerbaijan. The experts suggestedthat a fund may be created to help Iran complete the route asquickly as possible. The meeting was aimed at achieving progress on four fronts —identifying the residual construction on the main North-SouthCorridor and the time frame for completion of the work,identification of bottlenecks and action plan for the resolution,action plan along with the time frame for harmonisation of customsand insurance documents and procedures and identification ofcomplementary routes and their status and actionable points formember-countries. China Induction Wok Pan

The experts indicated the need for funds to the tune of $700million (over Rs. 4,000 crores) to ensure that portions of theproposed East-West corridor connecting the Persian Gulf to CentralAsia and China could be linked to the North-South corridor.

New federal disclosure law aims to increase transparency betweenphysicians, drug makers

A Colorado School of Public Health researcher has found that lawsdesigned to illuminate financial links between doctors andpharmaceutical companies have little or no effect on what drugsphysicians prescribe. “If the policymakers who passed these measures were hoping for adeterrent effect they may be disappointed,” said the study’s leadauthor, Genevieve Pham-Kanter, Ph.D., an assistant professor in theDepartment of Health Systems, Management and Policy at the ColoradoSchool of Public Health and a research fellow at Harvard Universityand Massachusetts General Hospital. The report, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine , was prompted by passage of the Physician Payments SunshineProvision of the Affordable Care Act. The new federal law requires drug manufacturers to disclose certainpayments made to physicians including money for consulting,honoraria, gifts and travel. “This law is based on the premise that transparency in thesetransactions is of public importance and that disclosurerequirements can act as a deterrent against quid pro quo exchanges- physicians may be reluctant to accept large payments frompharmaceutical firms if payments are publicly known and perceivedas financial compensation for prescribing certain therapies,” saidPham-Kanter who is also an assistant professor of economics at theUniversity of Colorado Denver. Ericsson AXE 10

Working with Kavita Nair, Ph.D., associate clinical professor atthe University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy andPharmaceutical Sciences and G. Caleb Alexander, MD, MS, JohnsHopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Pham-Kanter examinedWest Virginia and Maine, two states with disclosure laws already onthe books. She specifically investigated the effect of the laws on theprescribing of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) and selectiveserotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Marketing plays a heavy rolein a physician’s choice of therapy since members of each class ofdrug are similar and highly substitutable, Pham-Kanter said. The researchers theorized that if disclosure laws were effectiveand doctors were deterred from taking payments from pharmaceuticalcompanies, they in turn would be less likely to prescribe brandedstatins and SSRIs over similar generic drugs. Nortel S8000

Using a wide variety of public data, they compared Maine, whichenacted a disclosure law in 2004, with New Hampshire and RhodeIsland, two demographically similar states without such laws. Thenthey compared West Virginia, which also passed its disclosure lawin 2004, with Kentucky and Delaware which had none. In Maine, the law was associated with a 0.8 percentage pointreduction in the use of branded statins compared to New Hampshire,and a 5.3 percentage point reduction compared to Rhode Island. Theresearchers found little to no effect in West Virginia. China Nokia Ultrasite

“Our results show that the disclosure laws in the two states weexamined had a negligible to small effect on physicians switchingfrom branded therapies to generics and no effect on reducingprescription costs,” said Pham-Kanter. She noted that despite the laws, accessing information about howmuch money a physician received from a pharmaceutical company isstill difficult and opaque. Much of the information is not on-lineyet. “Transparency is important in its own right, but if deterringunnecessary, costly prescribing is a concern for policymakers, moredirect action may be required,” Pham-Kanter said.

Additional References Citations.

Frontier silicon transforms the listening experience with advanced – China Electronic Connector Types

Frontier Silicon, the leading supplier of Digital Radioand Network Audio technology, today announces the launch of its newDAB 5.0 Software Development Kit (SDK). By adding Bluetooth connectivity to Frontier’s Verona DAB/DAB+ module, DAB 5.0introduces a closer level of integration betweensmartphones/tablets and radio/audio devices delivering a simple andintuitive user experience. As trends in digital listening evolve, it is vital for consumerelectronics brands to meet the needs of customers by deliveringaudio systems which integrate seamlessly with the connected world.DAB 5.0 provides the technology to give consumers complete freedomof listening choice in one simple audio product. Whether it’scrystal clear DAB/DAB+ digital radio, a personal music collectionor a favourite online music service, all can be enjoyed wirelesslyand managed remotely from the palm of your hand. A Frontier Silicon DAB 5.0-based audio system delivers thefollowing benefits: Use iOS and Android smart-phones and tablets to wirelessly controlthe digital radio, browse stations by name and enjoyprogramme-relevant information from the broadcaster in the form oftext (DLS) and full-colour images (RadioVIS) – Radio has neverlooked so good.

Choose tracks from a user’s music collection or stream afavourite online music service over Bluetooth from any A2DP compatible smartphone, tablet or lap-top. Switch between different smart devices at the press of a button. When no smart-device is connected, digital radio is still alwaysavailable – making this an ideal audio solution for shared areassuch as kitchens and living rooms. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity ensures smart device integration is less dependent onplatform, operating system or Electronic Connector Types.

DAB 5.0 provides these features without the need for expensivecolour displays or Wi-Fi components, making it a cost effectivesolution. “Today’s consumers expect the freedom to listen tomusic from a vast number of different digital sources,” saidPrem Rajalingham, VP of Sales & Support at Frontier Silicon.”DAB 5.0 has been designed to enable products to bring thiscontent together and deliver an enhanced experience via wirelessintegration with iOS and Android handheld devices – and all in aproduct the size and cost of a traditional speaker dock or qualityportable radio.” DAB 5.0 runs on Frontier Silicon’s market-leading range ofMade for iPhone compatible DAB modules and chipsets. When combinedwith controls, display, amplifier, loudspeaker and a suitable Bluetooth module, DAB 5.0 provides a simple route to a wide range ofadvanced digital audio products. About Frontier Silicon Limited Frontier Silicon is the world’s leading supplier ofintegrated circuits and modules for digital radio and network audioproducts.

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