International visitor stay days lagging behind arrivals to newzealand – China Children Color Keyboard

WELLINGTON, May 21 — New Zealand tourism chiefs Monday said thecountry needed to take actions to become more attractive tointernational tourists, especially the Chinese, after new figuresshowed fewer travelers arriving last month and the average lengthof stay barely moving. Visitors to New Zealand decreased 1 percent to 195,700 in April,although the number of visitors from China rose from 6,700 in Aprillast year to 14,000, while arrivals from Australia were down 6,800and the United Kingdom were down 5,900. In the year to the end of April, 2.616 million visitors arrived inNew Zealand, up 4 percent from 2011, with the largest increasesfrom Australia, China, and Malaysia, said a statement fromStatistics New Zealand, the government statistics agency, Monday. However, according to Tourism New Zealand, the growth ininternational visitor arrivals generated 50.8 million stay days inthe year ending April, an increase of just 0.9 percent from thesame period last year. Industrial Keyboard With Touchpad

“Looking at total stay days allows us to see the real value ofinternational arrivals as the longer people stay the more theyspend,” said the government tourism agency’s chief executive, KevinBowler. “While overall arrivals are up, the smaller increase in stay daysindicates that New Zealand has been attracting a shorter stayingvisitor which has caused total stay day growth to be slightlybehind arrivals growth,” Bowler said in a statement. Bowler said it was clear that more work had to be done to increasevisitor days through attracting longer-staying, higher- valuevisitors to New Zealand, particularly among Chinese visitors whotended to take combined Australia-New Zealand holidays. “Despite the phenomenal growth seen from China over the last year,with Chinese holiday arrivals increasing 34.7 percent, the Chineseholiday market stays an average of 6.2 days. As one of the lowestlengths of stay this reflects the preference for dual destinationgroup tours which follow a shorter travel period,” he said. China Children Color Keyboard

“To increase the benefit of the large number of Chinese visitorsnow coming to New Zealand, the second largest market behindAustralia for April, it is essential we take actions to increasevisitor days as well as visitor arrivals.” Asia continued to show strong growth, with total arrivals fromMalaysia up 61.1 percent, Singapore up 26.4 percent and Indonesiaup 18.6 percent for the year ending April, according to Tourism NewZealand. China POS Touch Screen Monitors


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