Us drone strike in pakistan highlights divergent interests of us,pakistan – China Two Way Radio Accessories

President Zardari’s invitation to the meeting was widely viewed asa goodwill gesture from the US, although the fact that he was neverinvited to meet with President Obama is a clear sign that relations remain strained , The Christian Science Monitor reports. Chaudry Fawad, the special assistant to Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani , told the Monitor that upon Zardari’s return, there will likely bea change in Pakistan’s attitude toward the US. Pakistan needs toreciprocate for the invitation to the summit, he said. We want to tell the world that we are not a hurdle in Afghanistan s pull out of NATO forces. DVB-T Car Antenna

And I believe the bigger disputesbetween both countries have been resolved, he said. Fahd Husein, a senior journalist who hosts a political prime timetalk show, told the Monitor that he believes Pakistan will beforced to concede on some of the demands the parliament set forreopening the supply routes. We will not get the money that weare looking for, the drones will not stop, and most likely, we willnot get an apology from Obama, he said. But not all Pakistanis feel that Pakistan has been backed into acorner and should concede on the supply routes. China Two Way Radio Accessories

Former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi , now vice-chairman of opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf,said that Zardari failed to “effectively fight Pakistan’s casevis-a-vis the NATO supply routes,” The Hindu reports. Pakistani authorities should have refused to go to the summitunless the US agreed to meet the Pakistani parliament’s conditions,such as the end to the drone campaign and an apology for theNovember airstrike that prompted the closure of the supply routes,Mr. Qureshi said. Reuters reports that a US Senate panel voted yesterday to cut Pakistan’s aid by 58 percent for the 2013 fiscal year out of frustration over the supply route issue, putting additionalpressure on Pakistan. RF Cable Assembly Manufacturer

An anonymous US official told Reuters today that talks about reopening the supply routes are ongoing and currently focused on technical issues, not the transit fees. Asenior Pakistani government official said that the fee issue hadalready been “resolved.” “The biggest snag is who is going to make the announcement?Which arm of the government is going to be made the fall guy forre-starting the not-at-all-popular NATO supply?” he said.”Who is going to be the villain of this drama?” Get daily or weekly updates from delivered to yourinbox. Sign up today .

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