New drug to fight against localized high-risk prostate tumors – Folding Barrier Gate

Men with prostate cancer could significantly benefit from arecently approved hormone-depleting drug, according to results froma phase II clinical trial. The drug – abiraterone acetate (Zytiga(R)) – can help eliminate oralmost eliminate tumors in many prostate cancer patients whose cancer has not yet metastasized. The study, conducted by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institutein collaboration with other research centers, will be presented atthe annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology(ASCO), June 1-5, in Chicago. In order to examine the effects of (Zytiga(R)) in combination withprednisone and surgery, the researchers enrolled 58 men withhigh-risk prostate cancer isolated to the prostate gland toparticipate in the study. Flap Barrier

Study participants were assigned to receive the combination therapyfor either three or six months, in addition to surgery to removethe prostate. After completing the treatment regimen, theresearchers found that one-third of the men had either little or notumor tissue left. Mary-Ellen Taplin, M.D., of Dana-Farber, and lead author of thestudy, said: “Very high-risk cancers localized to the prostate are rarely curedby prostatectomy alone. Therapies that combine surgery with olderandrogen-inhibiting drugs have not historically improved outcomes.This unmet need has given rise to efforts to develop new drugscapable of more completely reducing androgen levels within theprostate tumors.” The male hormone androgen powers prostate cancer growth, andalthough standard treatments target the production of this hormonein the adrenal glands and testes, they do not target androgenwithin the tumor itself. However, abiraterone acetate has theability to inhibit the production of androgen in all three sites. Folding Barrier Gate

In addition to abiraterone acetate, study participants alsoreceived 5mg daily of prednisone (a steroid). Conventionally,prednisone is administered with abiraterone acetate in a 10mg dose.However, the researchers believed that the lower dose would reducethe adverse effects of prednisone while maintaining its benefits.According to the researchers, the 5mg dose is adequate for themajority of patients. Taplin explained: “Most of the patients in this study had large tumors, high gradeprostate cancers and were at high risk for cancer spread. We’revery encouraged by the results and have begun another phase IIstudy investigating another novel androgen signaling inhibitor,MDV3100, in the neoadjuvant setting for high risk prostate cancer. We are also developing a clinical trial program investigating theaddition of the investigational drug ARN509 to abiraterone. Traffic Barrier Gates Manufacturer

Toprove the overall benefit of intensive androgen deprivationtreatment in conjunction with prostatectomy, a large randomizedclinical trial will need to be done.” Written By Grace Rattue Copyright: Medical News Today Not to be reproduced without permission of Medical News Today Additional References Citations.


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