About 4.5 million catholic school students to get office 365 – Copying Machines Manufacturer

The scope of the agreement could later be expanded to include all43 million students at 210,000 Catholic schools in 102 countries,Microsoft said on Thursday. The OIEC expects that with Office 365 students will be able tocollaborate on projects, jointly edit documents, communicate viae-mail, IM and video conferencing, and create and maintainwebsites. The agreement also calls for Microsoft to design anAzure-based social network for Catholic schools called SocialNetwork of Catholic Education. Tralcom, based in Mexico, will bethe deal’s supporting technology partner. Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner

The students will use Office 365 for Education, a version of thesuite tailored for schools and universities that will becomegenerally available this summer, replacing Microsoft’s freecloud-based suite for schools and universities Live@Edu, according to the company . Microsoft is in a dogfight with Google in the cloud-basedenterprise e-mail and collaboration market, where Google Apps hasbeen available since 2006. Google Apps also has a special versionfor the education vertical which is free. Although Microsoftdominates the on-premise enterprise e-mail and collaborationmarket, it is facing competition from Google and others as more andmore customers opt to switch to a cloud-based model for thissoftware. Copying Machines Manufacturer

In this war, it’s very important for Microsoft and Google to nabeducational institutions as customers. Those students becomefamiliar from early on with either Office 365 or Google Apps,creating in them a potential preference for one or the other. Oncethey enter the workplace, their opinions about the suites may helpinfluence their employers’ decisions in this area. To date, Live@Edu’s customer base includes 22 million students,teachers and administrators in about 10,000 schools in more than130 countries. China Perkins EST

Office 365 for Education will be available in three editions. PlanA2 is free and includes the online version of Office 2010, calledOffice Web Apps, instant messaging and conferencing via LyncOnline, collaboration capabilities via SharePoint Online, e-mailand calendar via Exchange Online, anti-virus and anti-spamprotection and individual storage. Plan A3 costs US$2.50 per student per month, and $4.50 perfaculty/staff per month, and includes everything in Plan A2 plusadditional components, including the full-featured desktop versionof Office 2010 Professional Plus and voice mail service. Plan A4,at $3 per month per student and $6 per month per faculty/staff,adds voice communications.

It’s not clear which Office 365 for Education plan the OIEC willchoose for its students. Juan Carlos Perez covers enterprise communication/collaborationsuites, operating systems, browsers and general technology breakingnews for The IDG News Service. Follow Juan on Twitter at @JuanCPerezIDG .


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