Opencast operation brings mining back to historic colliery – Metal Function Keypad

It is reported that coal is once again being mined at one of themost famous pits in Wales. Tower Colliery in Hirwaun was bought out by workers in themid-1990s after it came under the threat of closure. It continuedsuccessfully until it finally ceased operations 13 years later in2008. Now it has been revived as an opencast site. Illuminated Metal Keyboard

Around six million tonnes of coal is expected to be removed overthe next seven years and transported by rail to the Aberthaw PowerStation in the Vale of Glamorgan. The operation is a joint venturebetween Tower Regeneration Limited and energy company Hargreaves. Tower Regeneration is chaired by Tyrone O’Sullivan, now living inMumbles who led the workers’ buy-out in 1994. Not all residents inthe area have welcomed the opencast operation which was approved byRhondda Cynon Taff Council. But Mr O’Sullivan said “There will be full restoration afterwards.The land will be fully returned to its natural state in aroundeight years’ time. Metal Function Keypad

He said that “Hopefully by then we will have aregeneration programme and other projects going on there.” Mr O’Sullivan confirmed 61 people had so far been taken on atTower, though he emphasised the work had only just started. He saidthat “Eventually that will grow to 130 or more.” He added that “At the moment we are still getting the equipment inGBP 40 million worth of it. As the equipment comes in and as weexpand the site so we will employ more and more people until we areup to full strength.” He also said “That could be as many as 140 or 150 people.” Mr O’Sullivan said the aim was to provide work for as many localpeople as possible. He said that “We will have maybe eight machineson site that will have to be worked by people with the rightexperience.” He added that “We will recruit them from wherever we can get them.But otherwise we would like to recruit from within a 10-mileradius. China Numeric Keypad With Mouse

He also said that could include places like Glynneath andMerthyr Tydfil, though ideally they would all be from within theCynon Valley.” Source – Thisissouthwales.

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