Leading mobile marketing firm, juice mobile, releases canadianmobile statistics – Automatic Plastering Machine

05/28/12 — Editors Note: There is an infographic associated with this pressrelease. JUICE Mobile is dedicated to informing the advertising &publishing community on the rapidly changing mobile marketplace.Unlike traditional research firms, which often use samples andpanels to speculate on mobile trends, JUICE draws on actual monthlydata from its own infrastructure to identify the trends takingplace in the marketplace. This approach thereby gives the truestmobile data available to brands, agencies and publishers who areplanning and executing in the connected space. At the end of Q1, many noteworthy insights have emerged in theCanadian mobile space. The iPhone has remained the #1 device inCanada, but RIM’s strength cannot be discounted. Wall Rendering Machine

Five differentBlackBerries are represented within the top devices in April, withthe Blackberry Torch 9800 being the #2 device in market. RIM’soperating system remains 45% of the total requested ad calls inApril, suggesting that the doom and gloom surrounding RIM ispremature. Bottom line: Canadians are still big Blackberry users. Not surprising has been the rapid growth of the Android operatingsystem over the past three months, growing from 11% of requestedimpressions to now represent 20% of the total monthly requestedimpressions. Automatic Plastering Machine

What is surprising is where Android is making thesegains: at the expense of Apple and Symbian. April also marks thefirst time that an Android device has entered the Top 10 handsetlist, with the appearance of the Galaxy Nexus at #10. The emergence of tablets as ever more popular connected devicesbeyond just the iPad was also significant. Tablets increasinglyrepresent a larger percentage of total impression requests in theJUICE network, having doubled from 3% to 7% of total requests inthree months. Readers too are beginning to make inroads into theconnected device space with the Kobo being the dominant E-reader(ahead of the Nook and the Kindle) and garnering more than 2x themonthly impression requests of the BlackBerry Playbook. China Concrete Plastering Machine

“What this analysis clearly demonstrates is that received opinionis not helpful in planning a successful mobile ad strategy – peopleworking in this space need hard data. JUICE is happy to providethat data,” says Neil Sweeney, CEO and Founder of JUICE Mobile. “Wewill also continue to assist those who want to apply thisinformation to their own business plans.” To be added to JUICE’s monthly distribution list please click here: juicemobile.ca/c/infographic . ABOUT JUICE MOBILE Based in Toronto, JUICE Mobile is a privately held mobileadvertising firm.

Founded in 2010 in response to the rapid growthand adoption of mobile devices, JUICE Mobile is the first firm ofits kind in Canada: solely dedicated to the mobile advertisingmarket, JUICE Mobile has quickly emerged as Canada’s leading mobilemarketing, software and analytics firm and has ushered more than150 leading brands into the mobile space. Comprised of experts withover 15+ years of industry experience, JUICE is passionate aboutgrowing the mobile marketing industry in Canada. Please visit http://www.juicemobile.ca for more information or follow JUICE on Twitter @JUICE_Mobile. To view the infographic associated with this press release, pleasevisit the following link: library/20120525-JUICEinfographicLARGE.jpg . Contacts: JUICE Mobile contactus@juicemobile.ca http://www.juicemobile.ca Copyright @ Marketwire.


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