Kelly osbourne: comfy shoes, spanx and tans – Girls Ballet Flats Shoes – Womens Booties Shoes

Kelly Osbourne was a reality star, actress and musician beforeanyone took notice that she had a knack for style. But lately the 27-year-old daughter of Ozzy Osbourne , currently with violet hair after stints of pink, lilac and gray,has earned the title of certified fashionista, dishing the designerdirt with Joan Rivers and co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and GeorgeKotsiopoulos after major Hollywood red carpets on E! “FashionPolice.” She also sat front row with Rivers at the BadgleyMischka show during the New York Fashion Week this past February. “I’m in the process of branding, doing my own line. I will notjust attach my name to something,” Osbourne said. “I wantto be a part of every aspect of it.

I want to do everything on itand even down to like making sure I know where the clothes or itemsare being manufactured.” Now she’s being tapped to kick off fashion-fueled events too, likethis month’s The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival along Chicago’sMichigan Avenue. While there Osbourne shared three things shelearned walking the red carpet that she considers top everyday tipsfor real women: Spray tans: “It just gives you that golden glow, a bit of bronze, likeyou’ve been kissed by the sun,” Osbourne said. “It makesyou look slimmer and it makes you feel healthier. I always do that.I hate that I don’t have one now.” Flatter that figure: “Even if you’re a skinny girl, Spanx are a must,”Osbourne said, name-checking the shaping undergarments have becomea red-carpet staple for women.

“Nobody wants to see your bellybutton through your dress.” Pamper your feet: “Always pack a pair of ballet flats in your handbag becauseby the end of the night your feet are killing you. You want to keepgoing but you can’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to gohome early because my feet hurt and I haven’t had a pair of shoesto change into. Don’t let your footwear ruin your good time,”she said.

And for those who must know what Osbourne was wearing in Chicago tomeet with reporters last week: A long, flowing short-sleeved blackdress with a rainbow leaf print by Issa (a British label that Kate,Duchess of Cambridge, has helped popularize) and a ring with alarge purple stone and a jeweled leaf by Chanel.
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