Frontier silicon transforms the listening experience with advanced – China Electronic Connector Types

Frontier Silicon, the leading supplier of Digital Radioand Network Audio technology, today announces the launch of its newDAB 5.0 Software Development Kit (SDK). By adding Bluetooth connectivity to Frontier’s Verona DAB/DAB+ module, DAB 5.0introduces a closer level of integration betweensmartphones/tablets and radio/audio devices delivering a simple andintuitive user experience. As trends in digital listening evolve, it is vital for consumerelectronics brands to meet the needs of customers by deliveringaudio systems which integrate seamlessly with the connected world.DAB 5.0 provides the technology to give consumers complete freedomof listening choice in one simple audio product. Whether it’scrystal clear DAB/DAB+ digital radio, a personal music collectionor a favourite online music service, all can be enjoyed wirelesslyand managed remotely from the palm of your hand. A Frontier Silicon DAB 5.0-based audio system delivers thefollowing benefits: Use iOS and Android smart-phones and tablets to wirelessly controlthe digital radio, browse stations by name and enjoyprogramme-relevant information from the broadcaster in the form oftext (DLS) and full-colour images (RadioVIS) – Radio has neverlooked so good.

Choose tracks from a user’s music collection or stream afavourite online music service over Bluetooth from any A2DP compatible smartphone, tablet or lap-top. Switch between different smart devices at the press of a button. When no smart-device is connected, digital radio is still alwaysavailable – making this an ideal audio solution for shared areassuch as kitchens and living rooms. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity ensures smart device integration is less dependent onplatform, operating system or Electronic Connector Types.

DAB 5.0 provides these features without the need for expensivecolour displays or Wi-Fi components, making it a cost effectivesolution. “Today’s consumers expect the freedom to listen tomusic from a vast number of different digital sources,” saidPrem Rajalingham, VP of Sales & Support at Frontier Silicon.”DAB 5.0 has been designed to enable products to bring thiscontent together and deliver an enhanced experience via wirelessintegration with iOS and Android handheld devices – and all in aproduct the size and cost of a traditional speaker dock or qualityportable radio.” DAB 5.0 runs on Frontier Silicon’s market-leading range ofMade for iPhone compatible DAB modules and chipsets. When combinedwith controls, display, amplifier, loudspeaker and a suitable Bluetooth module, DAB 5.0 provides a simple route to a wide range ofadvanced digital audio products. About Frontier Silicon Limited Frontier Silicon is the world’s leading supplier ofintegrated circuits and modules for digital radio and network audioproducts.

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