Knick’s stoudemire suffers postgame collision withfire-extinguisher case – Branded Headphones Manufacturer

Game 2 probably wasn’t all the Knicks lost in Miami on Mondaynight. Stoudemire left the building with a bulky wrap over his left hand,long after the Heat took control of the teams’ Eastern Conferencefirst-round series with a 104-94 win over the Knicks, going up 2-0in the matchup. It resumes Thursday in New York, and although the Knicks weresaying nothing for certain, it seems most unlikely that Stoudemirewould be able to play. I am so mad at myself right now, I want to apologize to the fansand my team, not proud of my actions, headed home for a newstart, Stoudemire wrote on Twitter after the Knicks left thearena. I really don’t know what’s the situation with that, said Knicksforward Carmelo Anthony, who added he was on the court whenwhatever happened with Stoudemire occurred. Branded Headphones

Knicks center Tyson Chandler said he did not expect Stoudemire toplay Game 3. An update from the Knicks said, Extent of injury isunknown at this time. Dwyane Wade scored 25 points, Chris Bosh added 21 and LeBron Jamesfinished with 19 points, nine assists and seven rebounds for theHeat, but their night was completely overshadowed by whatever wenton with Stoudemire in the hallway that’s just a few steps from theedge of the court. You never want to hear anyone gets hurt, Wade said. Branded Headphones Manufacturer

Hopefullyhe gets better. We want all their guns on the court. Everything the Heat did seemed like old news quickly after thegame, when all anyone really wanted to talk about was what wasgoing on in the Knicks locker room. Miami-Dade paramedics whostaff every game were summoned while reporters were kept outsidemuch longer than the typical 10-minute cooling-off period. We’re all frustrated, Chandler said. Ludacris Soul Headphones Manufacturer

Stoudemire declined to say anything when he walked out of theshower area in the locker room, one towel around his waist, anothershielding his left hand, which he held elevated as he slipped intothe privacy of the training room, which is off-limits to basicallyeveryone but team personnel.


Don’t blame injuries on tight schedule: nba commissioner – China Led Fluorescent Tube Lights

Trying to salvage as much of the planned 82-game season aspossible, and trim financial losses to club owners and playersafter a lockout, the players and league agreed to a program withmore games in fewer days than normal. But after Chicago star Derrick Rose, last season’s NBA MostValuable Player, and New York’s Iman Shumpert were lost for therest of the playoffs with knee injuries in playoff openersSaturday, many blamed the grind of the season. I don’t think it’s related at all. Zero, Stern said Monday onESPN radio. There’s no evidence that the wear and tear (played a role) .. T8 LED Tube Light

Itwas horrible to watch. But he was out. He missed 27 games earlierthis year, so he only played in 40 of those games that we had inthis ‘condensed schedule.’ Some veteran NBA figures are among those who do see a correlationbetween playing four games in five days or three games in threedays and setbacks such as the back injury that has sidelinedOrlando star center Dwight Howard. I think the wear and tear, there’s no question it has taken itstoll, said Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins. China Led Fluorescent Tube Lights

The wear andtear – I don’t think there’s any question, the fatigue. Whathappens during the playoffs, it gets ratcheted up even more. Asked about the number of injuries during the season before he wentdown on Saturday, Rose said, When you think about it, (theschedule) is the only thing that changed. Knicks guard Baron Davis blames the schedule. G4 LED Lamps

This has been a compressed season, a lot more games, a lot lesspractice time, a lot less recovery time, Davis said. You candefinitely look at the season and just look at the schedule and saythat guys really never got the ample amount of time to rest andheal their bones because you’re fighting for playoff position. It’sgame after game after game. So, you know, it’s tough. Stern called the notion that this year’s schedule has contributedto the rise in injuries worthy of our study at season’s end tosee how that just works out.

Dmax: this is what happens to foreign technology companies in china – China Stage Led Screens

I just want to put the development of DMAX, the PRC companycompetitor to IMAX, on our collective radar screen. I have afeeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more from these guys inthe future, and perhaps from IMAX as it faces the upstartcompetitor. Some background : DMAX, a large film screen made with Chinese independent technology , on Monday was put into commercial use in a cinema in the easternprovince of Anhui, as developers hope to break the IMAX monopoly in China s booming film market . According to Yang Xuepei, head of the institute, while embodying the country s independent core technology of big screen motion pictures production and image optimization,DMAX is also compatible with the most advanced technology overseas.Its 2D and 3D screening quality are as good as large screens offoreign brands. Commercial LED Displays

[emphasis mine] A lot of questions here, but we’ve got a booming domesticmarket and a foreign company that is pretty much in a monopolyposition because of its superior technology. Sound familiar? Yes, this sort of situation has occurred over and over in China.What usually happens is that a domestic competitor emerges that (atfirst) competes on price. I’m wondering whether IMAX haspatent protection over its tech and whether DMAX will be looking atany infringement suits in the future. If not, were there tradesecrets involved? I’m speculating, of course. It’spossible that there are no IP issues here at all and that DMAX is asolid citizen. China Stage Led Screens

And if there are IP problems, I wouldn’t wantto be IMAX — the owners of DMAX seem to be heavy hitters(e.g. “China Film Co.” — part of China FilmGroup?). At the very least, though, there’s got to be a trademarkissue here, yeah? After all, “IMAX” and”DMAX” are 75% identical. I might do a quick trademarksearch tomorrow and see what I can find on these guys. Indoor Full Color LED Display

In the meantime, I expect to see this written up as a case studyfor some business or law school out there. Looks textbook.

Chinese cities near top of world carbon emissions list – China Blackberry LCD Screens

BEIJING, China Daily/Asia News Network–Several major Chinesecities have some of the world’s highest per capita carbonfootprints, a World Bank report said on Thursday. Greenhouse gasemissions (measured in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent percapita) in Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing far exceed those of citiessuch as Paris, Tokyo, London, Barcelona and Jakarta. Industry and power generation are major contributors in Chinesecities, largely because coal dominates the nation’s energy use. Globally, most urban emissions come from transport, buildings andwaste, but these three sectors only account for about 20 percent ofChina’s urban emissions. Cell Phone LCD Screens

According to data from the three Chinese cities, about 40 percentof urban emissions are from power generation and another 40 percentfrom industrial activities. Shomik Mehindratta, a World Bank urban transport specialist andco-editor of the report, said Chinese cities have high emissionlevels because they are important global centers of industrialproduction. Cities account for more than 70 percent of energy-relatedgreenhouse gas emissions worldwide and this is expected to rise to76 percent by 2030, said the report. China’s urbanization is accelerating, and about 350 million peopleare expected to move into cities during the next 20 years. The number of people living in China’s cities for the first timeexceeded those living in rural areas by the end of 2011, with anurbanization rate of 51.3 percent, the National Bureau ofStatistics said earlier this year. China Blackberry LCD Screens

Axel Baeumler, World Bank senior infrastructure economist and aco-editor of the report, titled Sustainable Low-Carbon CityDevelopment in China, said Chinese policymakers face a an importantquestion: will China follow a high- or low-emissions path as iturbanizes. The report said that cities must act on multiple fronts to achievelow-carbon growth and also incorporate responses to climate changein planning, investment decisions and emergency-preparedness plans. A critical issue for China’s leaders to consider is the spatialgrowth of Chinese cities and links with municipal finance, asspatial growth patterns determine long-term carbon use in a city. Sprawling cities are locked into a high-carbon development path. Samsung LCD Screens

Local governments are relying on land transfers and landdevelopment to raise revenue for building infrastructure and urbandevelopment, but such an approach is unsustainable. The links between land use, finance and urban sprawl need to bebroken, said Liu Zhi, lead infrastructure specialist at the WorldBank’s Beijing office. The report recommends that urban leadersencourage a cleaner supply of energy, enhance market-based methodsof energy demand management (including prices that reflect fullcosts), enforce energy-efficient building codes and switch toconsumption-based billing for district heating. It also suggests optimizing the transport system to providealternatives to automobiles and encourage walking and bicycling.

Camera stores in the us industry market research report nowavailable from ibisworld

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 06, 2012 The Camera Stores industry struggling to compete with e-tailers, many of which offera more convenient shopping experience at a lower cost.Additionally, says IBISWorld industry analyst Agata Kaczanowska, Asharp drop in consumer spending and protracted high unemploymentsince 2008 led to fewer purchases from industry retailers.Businesses that invest in camera equipment, such as professionalphotographers, also stopped spending as demand for their servicesdried up as well. As a result of low demand for industry productsduring the past five years, revenue declined at an estimatedaverage rate of 8.5% per year to $2.8 billion in 2012. An increasing proliferation of smartphones and other devices withadvanced camera features are diverting more demand away from theindustry. Consumers increasingly use their smartphones or tabletsas cameras, which can be more convenient because using onemultipurpose device can be more comfortable than carrying aseparate camera.

Moreover, smartphones and tablets make uploadingand sharing photos or videos easier. Although consumer and businessspending is beginning to pick up in 2012, says Kaczanowska, Onlinecamera sales and alternative devices are expected to dominate suchpurchases. Not only are e-tailers undercutting industry pricesthereby diverting sales revenue away from the Camera Storesindustry but big-box stores are also vying to attract consumers.Retailers like Best Buy or Walmart are also more convenient forconsumers who can purchase other items while shopping at suchstores. Consequently, revenue in 2012 is expected to slide 2.4%.The industry remains very fragmented, with most firms employingfewer then five workers.

The only major player, Ritz Camera &Image, is one of few companies in the Camera Stores industry able to operate nationwide. The shift toward new technologies and retailers is projected tocontinue, impairing industry potential. As a result, revenue isforecast to fall over the five years to 2017. Nonetheless, theindustry may benefit from a sales tax on online purchases if itwere widely implemented. Libigrow Male Enhancement

Such a tax would pressure the pricingcompetitiveness of e-tailers and push some customers back to camerastores. For more information, visit IBISWorlds Camera Stores report in the US industry page. Follow IBISWorld on Twitter:!/IBISWorld Friend IBISWorld on Facebook: pages/IBISWorld/121347533189 IBISWorld industry Report Key Topics This industry includes brick-and-mortar camera stores. Theseretailers sell photographic equipment and supplies includingcameras, lighting equipment, film, tripods and other accessories.Online and catalog sales are not included in this industry. Male Sex Enlargement Pills Manufacturer

Industry Performance Executive Summary Key External Drivers Current Performance Industry Outlook Industry Life Cycle Products & Markets Supply Chain Products & Services Major Markets Globalization & Trade Business Locations Competitive Landscape Market Share Concentration Key Success Factors Cost Structure Benchmarks Barriers to Entry Major Companies Operating Conditions Capital Intensity Key Statistics Industry Data Annual Change Key Ratios About IBISWorld Inc. Recognized as the nations most trusted independent source ofindustry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensivedatabase of unique information and analysis on every US industry.With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope,the company equips clients with the insight necessary to makebetter business decisions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorldserves a range of business, professional service and governmentorganizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For moreinformation, visit or call 1-800-330-3772. China Stiff Nights Male Enhancement

Read the full story at releases/2012/5/prweb9477118.htm .

Community effort brings lasting drop in smoking, delinquency, druguse – MHL Cables Manufacturer

Delaying the age when kids try alcohol or smoking decreases thelikelihood that they will become dependent later in life. Effectiveinterventions exist, but community disagreements about whichprograms to try can stymie decisions. Communities That Care, a prevention system developed by Universityof Washington researchers, leads communities through thedecision-making process, facilitating evidence-based choices ofprevention programs known to work. The researchers’ latest study shows that tenth graders in townsusing Communities That Care were less likely to have tried drinkingor smoking compared with teens living in towns that had not adoptedthe system.

Delinquent behavior, including stealing, vandalism andphysical fights, decreased too. “What’s exciting about this paper is that these decreases inalcohol use, smoking and violence were apparent even after outsidesupport for the Communities That Care system ended. It shows thatcommunity coalitions can make a sustained difference in theiryoungsters’ health community-wide,” said J. David Hawkins, leadauthor and director of the study and founding director of the UW’sSocial Development Research Group, affiliated with the UW School ofSocial Work.

The study was published online Oct. 3 in Archives of Pediatrics &Adolescent Medicine. For five years, Hawkins and his colleagues tracked the behaviors of4,407 youths growing up in 24 small- to moderate-size towns inColorado, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Oregon, Utah and Washington.Half of the towns had been randomly assigned to receive training inthe Communities That Care system and were compared with towns ofsimilar size and demographics that were not using the system. In Communities That Care towns, kids in fifth through ninth gradesparticipated in programs aimed to mitigate risk factors such asfamily conflict, low commitment to school and academicdifficulties. The programs were chosen by a community coalition ineach town from a list of preventive interventions known to work. Premium HDMI Cable

The list was compiled by the UW researchers, who instructed thetowns to choose programs based on surveys of community studentsthat identified the particular risk factors most prevalent in theircommunity. “This is so they don’t waste their time and money on programs thataren’t effective,” said Sabrina Oesterle, co-author of the paperand research associate professor in the UW School of Social Work.”This is an approach that can have sustained improvements in teenoutcomes community-wide.” The current study uses survey results from students followed fromfifth grade through the end of tenth grade, a year after externalsupport for Communities That Care ended. Teens growing up in thetowns using the prevention system had half the odds of ever havingsmoked a cigarette by tenth grade and had 21 percent lower odds ofcurrently smoking in tenth grade compared with teens growing up inthe towns without the system. They also had 38 percent lower oddsof ever trying alcohol and 21 percent lower odds of initiatingdelinquent behavior by tenth grade. MHL Cables Manufacturer

The tenth graders in the Communities That Care towns also reported17 percent lower odds of engaging in delinquent behavior, such asstealing, vandalism and selling drugs, and 25 percent lower odds ofengaging in violence, including physical fights. “We want to do the right thing to help our kids grow up to behealthy and lead productive lives, but historically, we haven’tdemanded that the programs that we employ to do this are tested andproven effective,” said Hawkins, who developed Communities ThatCare with Richard Catalano, a co-author and director of the SocialDevelopment Research Group. “This is a systematic way for coalitions of stakeholders toevaluate the risks to youths in their communities, and chooseeffective prevention programs to promote the well being of theirteens,” Hawkins said. Other co-authors from the UW School of Social Work are Eric Brown,research assistant professor; and Michael Arthur, researchassociate professor. Ferrite Cores HDMI Manufacturer

Robert Abbott, a UW professor of educationalpsychology, and Kathryn Monahan, an assistant professor inpsychology at the University of Pittsburgh, are also co-authors. Additional References Citations.

Mrsa post tympanostomy tube placement does not mean more surgery orcomplications

According to an investigation published in Archives of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery , researchers have discovered that ear discharge and drainage(otorrhea) caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA ) after ear tube placement in children is not linked to anincreased risk of needing further surgery or other complications,in comparison to a diagnosis of non-MRSA otorrhea. The researchers report: “More than half a million procedures are performed annually toplace tympanostomy tubes in children, making this the most commonsurgical procedure performed in childhood.” One of the most common complications of this surgery is otorrhea. In order to find out how common otorrhea in kids is after thisprocedure, and to figure out the outcomes and risk factors fortreatment for MRSA in comparison with non-MRSA infections, NathanS. Alexander, M.D., from the Children’s Hospital of Alabama,Birmingham, and team examined medical records and classified eachof the 1,079 patients into groups; those with non-MRSA otorrhea(n=141), and those whose otorrhea was due to MRSA (n=135). T8 LED Tube Light

The teamthen examined medical records to gather information on surgicalprocedures performed, hearing analysis, medical treatments, as wellas other infection-related illnesses. The researchers explain: “The overall incidence of MRSA in this series was about 16 percent(170 of 1,079 patients). The groups [MRSA vs. non-MRSA otorrheapatients] did not differ significantly in type of insurance;history of tympanostomy tube placement, cholesteatoma [skin cyst in middle ear], or prematurity; number or type (minor/major) ofsurgical procedures performed; or risk of subsequentinfection-related diagnoses. High Bay LED Lights Manufacturer

More patients in the MRSA groupreceived intravenous antibiotic therapy (11 percent vs. 3.6 percent).” In addition, the team discovered that those in the MRSA group had amild hearing loss (14.5%) compared to those in the non-MRSA group(6.2%). They conclude: “In conclusion, MRSA otorrhea as a complication of tympanostomytube placement has become more prevalent since the late 1990s.Children with MRSA otorrhea were more likely to receive intravenousand oral antibiotics, but they were not more likely to needadditional surgical procedures to control otorrhea or to behospitalized for infection-related diagnoses or to suffercomplications or otitis media (ear infections). These findings should facilitate appropriatecare for MRSA otorrhea after tympanostomy tube placement and helpto decrease parental anxiety regarding a diagnosis of MRSA otorrhea vs. non-MRSA otorrhea.” Written by Grace Rattue Copyright: Medical News Today Not to be reproduced without permission of Medical News Today Additional References Citations. Flexible LED Strip Lights Manufacturer