Barbara walters sorry for trying to help assad aide – Metal Numeric Keypad – China Plastic Industrial Keyboard

NEW YORK — Television journalist Barbara Walters has apologized fortrying to help a former aide to Syrian President Bashar Assad landa job or get into college in the United States. The ABC veteran acknowledged the conflict in trying to helpSheherazad Jaafari, daughter of the Syrian ambassador to the UnitedStates and a one-time press aide to Assad. Jaafari helped Waltersland an interview with the Syrian president that aired in December. Walters said in a statement issued Tuesday she rejected Jaafari’slater request for a job at ABC News, saying it was a conflict ofinterest. Black Metal Keyboard

But she said she contacted people on Jaafari’s behalf and”I regret that.” The interview with Assad in the midst of the Syrian uprising wasconsidered tough. Assad told Walters that no government kills itsown people unless it is led by “a crazy person.” But earlier this week the London newspaper The Telegraph printed a series of chummy emails between Jaafari and Walters thatit said were obtained through Syrian opposition leaders. In January, Walters wrote to Jaafari saying she contacted CNN’sPiers Morgan and his producer “to say how terrific you are andattached your resume,” the Telegraph reported. Walters alsocontacted Richard Wald, a former ABC News executive now a professorat the Columbia University School of Journalism, on the woman’sbehalf. Metal Numeric Keypad

A grateful Jaafari wrote that “you can never be a better mom toyour adopted child (me)” and promising to buy Walters some jewelryfrom Syria. Despite her help, Walters noted that Jaafari did not get a job oradmission to college. ABC News President Ben Sherwood had no comment, a network spokesmansaid Wednesday. Sheherazad Jaafari is the daughter of the Syrian ambassador to theUnited States and a one-time press aide to Assad. Jaafari played arole in Walters’ landing an interview with the Syrian president inDecember. China Plastic Industrial Keyboard

After the interview, Walters acknowledged sending letters to try tohelp Jaafari land a job or get into a college in the U.S. She saysJaafari asked for a job at ABC News, but Walters refused, saying itwas a conflict of interest. But Walters says she realizes the help she offered Jaafari was alsoa conflict and “I regret that.”.


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