Medical economics ehr best practices study aims to gatherreal-world data, solutions

It’s been nearly 6 months since the Medical Economics EHR Best Practices Study launched. In that time, Medical Economics connected 32 primary care physicians (PCPs) with nine electronichealth record (EHR) system vendors in an effort to document bestpractices as they relate to implementation. The 6-month mark, according to Georgiann Decenzo, executive vicepresident of Advanstar Medical Communications, represents thecompletion of an important stage during this 2-year study. In fact, this pre-implementation stage covers vendor selection,data migration, connectivity, and assessing a practice’sintegration capabilities. For the PCPs involved in the study, itmeans prepping their offices, buying or assessing computerhardware, and lining up tech support, as well as evaluating andsigning end-user license agreements. CNC Servo Motor

[RELATED: Survey documents EHR implementation costs | Announcing our EHR Study | Meet the physicians ] Over the next 2 years, the study’s participants will report keybenchmarks during four stages (see “Four stages of Medical Economics EHR Best Practices Study,” below). The goal is to help physiciansgain a realistic understanding of the process and identify creativeways to make the implementation easier in their practices. “This study focuses on best practices to help physicians throughimplementation, and it identifies the best use of systems toenhance practice efficiencies and improve patient outcomes,”Decenzo says. “We created this study in response to our readers,who asked us to assist them in better understanding the morose ofregulation, identify vendors, and look for the best ways to usetechnology to improve practice efficiencies.” As part of the study, the participating PCPs received fullyfunctioning EHRs to test and use for this 2-year period. Electric Motor Spares Parts

The PCPsalso will receive free support, training, and installation to helpthem attest to Medicare’s meaningful use program. It’s important, Decenzo says, for the study to provide real-worlddata that are accessible to PCPs to help them in this transition toa digital format. Although most of the participants are aiming toward achievingmeaningful use and collecting the government’s incentive to godigital, other reasons they have considered for EHR use includeparticipation with new payment models, the ability to attract newcategories of patients, and financial disincentives for notadopting the technology in the future. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE Doris Tummillo, MD: Adding decades of data worth the effort James Borges, MD: Progress means changing workflow Andrew Garner, MD: Rely on a scribe to improve efficiency Melissa Lucarelli, MD: Reaching meaningful use in 2012. Hybrid Stepper Motor


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