Apple’s massive ‘ipad 3’ air freight deal with dhl shaking upshipping rates – Knuckle Boom Truck Crane Manufacturer

In another sign that Apple plans to make its third-generation iPadavailable for purchase very soon after it is announced this week, AppleInsider has been told that shipping company DHL is prepared to handlemassive shipments from Apple. One person who contacted AppleInsider said that changes to the price of air cargo through DHL havesignaled a major planned Apple shipment from China to the U.S.Evidence of this can be seen in a “big change” in shipping costs,as Apple has taken up freight capacity on flights from the Far Eastto America. The massive importation of goods is said to be taking up valuablespace on the courier’s international flights, which has drivenshipping rates up this week considerably. The information was corroborated on Monday by MacRumors , who also spoke with sources in the shipping industry. Truck Mounted Crane

Theyindicated that shipping rates rose as much as 20 percent in oneweek as Apple has taken up available capacity at “premium rates.” Given the millions of iPads that Apple will undoubtedly haveavailable at launch, it’s likely that DHL is just one of thecouriers Apple will use to ship its new iPad. When the first iPaddebuted in 2010, Apple utilized UPS for Saturday deliveries, eventhough UPS does not offer standard delivery on weekends. Indications first arose more than a week ago that Apple’s assembly partner, Foxconn, was already gearing up toship Apple’s third-generation iPad to the U.S. for an impendingproduct launch. Knuckle Boom Truck Crane Manufacturer

One shipping manifest that surfaced on a Chinesemicroblogging site showed major international charter flightsoriginating from Chengdu International Airport carrying “Apple’slatest products.” All of Apple’s rumored shipping activity suggests that the companyis gearing up for a near-immediate launch of its third-generationiPad. The so-called “iPad 3” is expected to be unveiled at a mediaevent this Wednesday in San Francisco. Last year Apple announced the iPad 2 on March 2 , and the device became publicly available in the U.S. just over aweek later on March 11. If Apple were to follow the same releasepattern this year, the next iPad could go on sale on Friday, March 16. Truck Mounted Crane Manufacturer

But there have been some indications that Apple could debut itsnext iPad even faster after this year’s official unveiling. Onereport from last month suggested the “iPad 3” would go on sale in Germany on March 23, afull week earlier than the international launch would be if Applefollowed last year’s launch schedule.


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