More alleged third-gen ipad parts suggest just minor changes todesign – Two Way Radio Antenna Manufacturer

A new report claiming to have pieced together several componentsfor the third-generation iPad appears to show that Apple hasplanned few changes to the design of its popular tablet. MIC Gadget posted on Sunday hands-on footage with an alleged front glasspanel, rear shell and some internal parts to the next-generationiPad, which is expected to be unveiled at an Apple media event later this week. The report claimed the purported next-gen iPad components debunkhighly speculative rumors that Apple will remove the home buttonfrom the device. Though some had pointed to Apple’s invitation tothis week’s event as evidence of the arrival of an iPad without ahome button, others have claimed that the image simply showed aniPad in landscape mode. Alleged next-gen iPad cases purchased in Shenzhen, China were foundto fit the purported “iPad 3” rear shell, which reportedly has moretapered edges than the iPad 2, perfectly. Rubber Duck Antenna

According to thepublication, case manufacturers have already begun shippingthousands of such cases to the U.S. this past week. Thethird-generation tablet is expected to be slightly thicker than its predecessor. Though various reports have suggested that Apple will introduce an LTE iPad at its mediaevent on March 7, the publication’s sources assert that the companyis not yet ready to enter the LTE market. Two Way Radio Antenna Manufacturer

According to the report,Apple’s decision to hold off on 4G data will result in the releaseof the third-generation iPad with the same storage options andpricing as the iPad 2. Author Steve Lo further speculated thatLTE-compatible Qualcomm chipsets will “most likely” make their wayinto the fourth-generation iPad. The third-generation iPad is expected to have a high-definitionRetina Display with four times as many pixels as the iPad 2. Thedevice will also likely sport an upgraded processor, though thereis some disagreement whether the new chip will be a quad-core ordual-core model. RF SMA Connector Manufacturer

Sunday’s report also affirmed expectations that Apple will announcean update to its Apple TV set-top box this week. The new devicewould reportedly feature an A5X processor employing “lowernanometer manufacturing” to run cooler and more energy efficient.Tipsters went on to claim that a new “one more thing” item,codenamed B28, could make an appearance at Wednesday’s event andmay have something to do with Apple’s Siri voice assistant. Inventory of the current-generation Apple TV appears to have dried up for several different resellers even as talk of an imminent updatehas picked up.


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