Liberals launch ‘supporter’ category in bid to rebuild – RCA Interface Cable Manufacturer

Liberal Party president Mike Crawley and interim leader Bob Raeofficially launched a new membership category at a news conferencein Ottawa Wednesday, in an attempt to involve more Canadians inrebuilding the party. The new category of party membership for “supporters” was ratifiedby a vote at the party’s biennial convention in January. Unlikefull party members, supporters won’t pay a membership fee but willbe allowed to vote for the next leader. In a mass email sent out Wednesday, Crawley claimed the Liberalshave become “the most open and modern political movement inCanadian history” and invited interested supporters to register onthe party’s website. The simple online form asks only for a name,postal code and email address and includes a check box for theapplicant to declare he or she is not a member of another politicalparty. 3D Ready HDMI Cable

Crawley and Rae spoke to the media after the Liberals’ weeklycaucus meeting, which also marked the one-year anniversary of thelast election. Liberal interim leader Bob Rae takes reporters’ questions after hisparty’s caucus meeting in Ottawa Wednesday. Rae said he’d waituntil the party’s board sets leadership rules in June to decide ona run for the permanent leadership. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press) The party’s board of directors met April 21 and 22 and agreed tocreate a committee to oversee the rules and expense limits of aleadership contest expected in the next year or so. Crawley said Wednesday the board will meet again the first week inJune. RCA Interface Cable Manufacturer

“We’re going to bring clarity to two items: one is whether or notthe interim leader can contest the permanent leadership of theparty, and secondly we’re going to narrow the date around which thevote is going to be. The whole intention is to bring clarity to therules, the environment in which any other candidate would comeforward,” Crawley told reporters. “The role and responsibility ofthe board and of me as president is to encourage as many candidatesto come forward as possible and to have a vigorous, open,transparent leadership contest over the next year,” Crawley said. Asked again Wednesday whether he will run, Rae said he would waitto see the board’s decision in June and would make his own decisionat that time. Ferrite Cores HDMI

Rae also took some shots at Stephen Harper’s year-old marjoritygovernment, calling the budget implementation bill before the Housea “parliamentary monstrosity” that threatens to dismantleenvironmental protection in Canada.


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