Al-saud mafia-house: past and present gcc pharaohs, us and‘israeli’ voodoo involution conspiracy

Pharaoh Salman bin Abdel Aziz, Saudi Defense Minister Condemned bya French Court Al-Saud Mafia-House: Past and Present GCC Pharaohs, US and‘israeli” Voodoo Involution Conspiracy Pharaoh Salman bin Abdel Aziz, “So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: Verily,with every difficulty there is relief.” Holy Qur”an: Ash Sharh – Surah 94; 5-6 When one buys an electric-appliance, it usually comes with aone-year warranty; “israel”, is a “state”without a one-year warranty that no one is sure will be honored;GCC Pharaohs – “Gulf Criminal Corporation” – expiredwarranty while US and “israeli” artificial respirationis maintaining them “alive”; Gulf people are ready todisconnecting oxygen. If one criticizes either Jews, or “israel”, he isaccused of being anti-Semitic etc. Jews had the holocaust, and theworld daily is reminded and keeps paying for it. What about Rwanda, and Cambodia.These countries experienced genocide, and yet they get on withlife.

The Jews should take a lesson from this and cease fromcapitalizing on their past. The world shed enough tears for theholocaust. Our tears now are tears of rage against”israeli” Palestinian inhumane actions. When talking about ‘state”-sponsored terrorism in theMiddle East, I see two different, but mutually complementary, typesof ‘government” involved: 1. Western governments;topping the list are British, with their inglorious record in thepast; and the US, today the undisputed foreign government champion,and 2.

Local Middle Eastern ‘government” (s); in thiscategory without question, the so-called ‘state ofisrael” the perfect example molded by Western colonialistheritage, standards and objectives; recent adhering‘partners” are Saudi, Qatari and Bahraini Pharaohs. The first type, the Western governments, their form ofstate-sponsored terrorism, including hostage-taking, was –andis – applied in the Middle East, as well as in other parts ofthe world; the code-name being ‘covert operations”; Irefer you to my book “Terrorism and Hostage-Taking in theMiddle East” (1990 – 600 pages). The second type, the local Middle Eastern ‘government”(s), has two different and distinct faces: A. colonialist,aggressive, Western-oriented and backed, as represented by theso-called “state of Israel”; and B. other governmentsin the area, where the people are totally anti-colonialist,nationalist, and defensive. Color HDMI Cable

What interests us is to review and discuss the two different anddistinct faces of Middle Eastern ‘state”-sponsoredterrorism; as I said in this category, with the exception of theso-called “state of israel”, Middle East people aretotally anti-colonialist, nationalist, defensive andnon-aggressively-minded. Regardless of how strong in manpower orwell-equipped their respective armies are, almost all of them– especially the Gulf countries – are not well trained,fitted, or willing, to undertake a defensive or aggressive war. Thebest example is the Iran-Iraq war. Years of warfare, hundreds ofthousands of dead, billions of dollars” worth of destruction,yet the end result? None of the two was a winner; US, Europe and”Israel” harvested the benefits; however, today, TheIslamic Republic of Iran is a completely different new story; USand “israeli” threats and ultimatums – for thepast ten years – were unable to mark any points or dissuadethis Islamic Republic (I am Sunni) to yield to Western blackmail. This is in complete contradiction to the ‘Blitzkrieg”of colonial ‘state of israel”, whether as in the 1967so-called “six-day war”, or in the 1982 attack onLebanon; however, Hezbollah Hezbollah – in 2006 – humiliated, brought to an end and stoppedthis “israeli” winning tide. China Nylon HDMI

Thus, US,”israel”, Europe and the Gulf Pharaohs were obliged tointroduce a new “devil”s-strategy”:”Sunni” “Shi”a” confrontations aimingto weakening and parceling the region”s different countries;one must note here that The Islamic Republic of Iran (mostlyShi”a) has been supporting Sunni Palestinian Resistancemovements (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) besides Hezbollah (Lebanese,mostly Shi”a, Heroic Resistance Movement). The “IDF” (“israeli Doublethink Forces”)will be up to it again. Anyone wanting to truly understand how the”israeli” propaganda machine operates should take alook at George Orwell’s 1984. The “israeli” version ofOrwell’s Doublethink has it that their ‘Apartheid Wall” is a “defensewall”, that ‘assassinations” are “targetedkillings” and that ‘starving and imprisoning 1.5 millionperson in Gaza Gaza ” is a “security measure”. Listen to the femalemilitary spokesperson explain the latest atrocity?? Doublethink! Curiously enough, US, European, “israeli” and GulfPharaohs Middle East “Peace Road-Maps” are bathing inblood while UN is looking the other way. Ferrite Cores HDMI

Before the so called”Arab Spring” the evil “Quartet” wasfinanced by Gulf Pharaohs” black- oil bloody-red US Dollarsto concentrate on: “isreal”s” security; free flowof cheap oil; Palestinian division; Iran”s ten years”Uranium Dilemma”; and fighting the Muslim and Arab”Terrorists”!! Today, (in the absence of any ethical or human control regardingHuman Rights, Democracy, Freedom of Speech etc.) in Palestine Palestine , Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.; US, the West,”israeli” and Gulf Pharaohs” ware-wolf war-drumsare only howling in Iraq, Iran and Syria. I recently spoke to an elderly Palestinian friend of mine; hesummed-up the situation: “Different Palestinian generationshave been (and are) suffering in the worst imaginable ways. TheJews own everything, they even control Religion. Ever since the TVwas made it”s so easy for them to manipulate the public.

Thiscollective massacre doesn’t look like it will ever end. The Jews won’t be happy until we are all dead or slaves.” Different “israeli” ‘governments” applyunilaterally one and the same agreed-upon Zionist policy: Use forceto conquer other lands in the Middle East; in its case: the army,intelligence, secret services, and their population – almosteveryone is legally armed – have Zionist-colonialistattitudes and objectives; far removed from Muslim and Arabmentalities, the bulk of whom advocate Muslim Unity and ArabNationalism governed by “Sharia”. On the “israeli” side, for example, security has ameaning and role quite different from the Arab masses; for the”israelis”, security is brutal, murderous, aggressive,far-reaching and colonialist, derived from their terrorist”mother” organizations like the Haganah, Stern, Irgun,etc. Thus, “israeli” ‘state” sponsoredterrorism is a normal, casual, historic continuation ofZionist-sponsored terrorism concerted to”israeli-state” sponsored terrorism.

“No history of the israeli intelligence community can bewritten without digging deeply into the early days of securitypolitics, and people of israel ret service. Our intention is toportray the structure, politics, and people of israeli intelligencesince 1948, when the state was born and its espionage community wasformed by guerilla fighters of the Jewish underground.” (TheImperfect Spies: The History of israeli Intelligence”; YossiM. Katz; 1989, Sidgwick & Armour Press, Ltd. – page: 2) One notices here that the Zionists , and ” israelis “, call their terrorists ‘ guerrilla fighters “, while labeling others – Palestinian Resistance Movements ( PLO PLO , Hamas , Islamic Jihad , etc.) – ” terrorists “.

Anyone take a look at “Third Reich” policies andcompared them to present day “israeli” policies?:‘Lebensraum”, pass laws, demonizing their enemies,brutal incarceration leading to annihilation, telling big liesrepeatedly etc. Now the “israelis” come for thePalestinians and global people are not speaking out! Nazipropaganda depended on: “Tell a big lie and tell itfrequently and eventually it will be believed.” The secrecy of “israeli-state”-sponsored terrorism isunique in the world: “We cannot pretend to know everything….. In addition, israel”s intelligence agencies do notfree their documents with other government papers after a statutorythirty-year secrecy period. The agencies do not have any officialspokesman to be asked such trivial details as places, dates,names… Members of intelligence community, trained to besilent in belief that knowledge is power, jealously guard thatknowledge and selectively release only their own biased versions.The only intelligence operations to have caught the public eye,over the years, were successes and failures so spectacular thatthey could not be kept under wraps.” (Idem – Same as above;Page: 2) On television I heard a Catholic French journalist criticizing an”israeli” journalist: “When I hear‘israeli” Jews saying that they are Chosen by your God? I think your God turns His head away in shameat what ‘israeli-zoinist” are doing to thePalestinians; For those who claim ‘israel” are the chosen people of God, the answer is Were , not are.

They murdered His Son , our Jesus Christ (as it was meant), they are cursed and if one reads the Bible,would know that Antichrist comes from the family of Dan ( one of the Israel tribes ). Jewish souls have endured? That was 67 years ago; today,‘israel” is committing genocidal apartheid against thePalestinians. The World is learning the truth from verified sources NOT Jewish controlled media networks. The genocide being committedagainst Palestine is far worse than what Nazi’s did to the Jews.‘israeli-zoinist” Jews should hang their head in shame;it was ‘israel” who always broke every proposed peaceaccord brought to the table. I honestly did not know that defendingyour home is called terrorism.

why don’t we send in troops into ‘israhell”, bulldoze their homes, kill their children, rape/kill their wives,burn them alive with phosphorus and if they dare stand up to us and fight back we willcall them terrorists and retaliate twice as hard by carpet bombingthe whole illegal country nation of ‘israhell “? Why do Jews instantly jump on the Anti-Semitic band wagon? Peoplecan be critical of ‘israel” and ‘zionists” without beinganti-Semitic! Do jews / ‘israelis” even know what aSemite is? It is a race of people, not a religion of people. TheArabs and Palestinians are the SEMITES . You took their homes, country, economy, generations of youth andnow you want to steal their identity? ” The self-declared “democratic zionist-jewish state”,based on a Marxist model (Kibbutz), is accepted by the West as theso-called “only democratic in the Middle East”; now aday, Gulf Pharaoh Tyrants are also covered by the same”False-US-Insurance-Policy”; these “democraticcountries” have a very special and common set of”democratic” rules, one of which is of paramountimportance, disinformation. Another aspect, regarding the uniquementality of “israeli” secret services” concepts,morals and principals are when it comes to applying what they call”state policy” which is nothing but pure‘state”-sponsored terrorism, not only with reference tothe Middle East, sees that “other israelis, who have left thesecret agencies or special military units, reveal secrets withoutpublishing a word. They are found throughout the world, sharingtheir deadly craft with foreigners who pay them for israel”sexpertise in defense and security (as mercenaries).

The highly paidkiller consultants obtained their knowledge while working for theisraeli government. Simply by doing – and teaching others howto do – they are revealing as many secrets as someone whoproduces the written word.” (“Terrorism andHostage-Taking in the Middle East”. Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha;1990 – Appendix XI – page 493). The whole worldremembers how those “israeli” terrorists, called‘consultants” (Black Water in Iraq) trained thedrug-cartel killers in Bolivia, Panama, and Columbia.”israel” not only exercises and practices onPalestinians all forms of terrorism; it exports its deadly”know-how” through its trained mercenary killers.

Noother “state” and/or people (Palestinians for example),in the Middle East, with this brand of “know-how”, hastried to export it. When one watch daily massacre of Palestinians – in absence of anyUN or any other condemning humane voice – when “israel” bombs Gaza for four years or destroy refugeecamp (s) and the aftermath is exactly like when an earthquakedestroy a city; or when one witnesses- silently – how”israel” daily slaughter innocent Palestinian civilians(children, women and elderly persons); bewildering is not enough. I always say: “Truth hurts guilty people.” Truth is notRacist, and facts are not Hate! The Torah says: ” Thou shalt not kill “; therefore, I say that ” isreali – zionists ” that kill Palestinians will never be ” the chosen ones .” Sometimes, however, certain Arab Governments (Egypt, Jordan, SaudiArabia, Qatar, etc.) – for reasons that totally escape theauthor – work with the “israelis”: “ForSharon, there was the opportunity to win a sizable export order,which could easily include arms captured from PLO guerillas andArab armies over the years. The plan offered the welcome Saudiirony proposal to pay israel for guns and ammunitions which wereoriginally purchased by PLO and Arab states using Saudi financialaid.” (The Imperfect Spies: The History of israeliIntelligence”; Yossi M. Katz; 1989, Sidgwick & ArmourPress, Ltd.

– page: 279) The American taxpayer gives 6 billion a year in aid to”israel”. Jews have 13 Jewish American Senators and 30 Jewish American LowerHouse representatives. Jews control USA’s major media, andHollywood, and have the most powerful influential lobby group onCapitol Hill. This is how Jews control the USA.”israel” manipulates the US/Coalition to fight”israeli” enemies. Notice, “israel” hasnever been a member of the Coalition of the willing.

US must takeback its country and regain world respect, in particular alloppressed people – list topped by Muslims and Arabs. To me, the different – in action – Arab “Revolutions”is about truth, Freedom and people taking the power away from thetyrannical, cruel and unjust remaining Pharaohs. It is no longerbusiness as usual, land-confiscation for breakfast and murder fordinner; oppressor Pharaohs are scared to death and should be. Dr. Walid Amin Ruwayha Your Saudi “Dissident” Paris Neighbor.


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